Time Marches On

After the whirlwind and beat-down that was this month, somehow Christmas managed to come and pass and we had just enough of our ish together to pull it off (thanks largely to the shopping I did from my phone in the car on Black Friday as we drove home from New Mexico).

But there was a moment, sometime around Christmas Eve, when I realized my baby was turning 2 shortly after, and I hadn’t done a thing for her.

It was exactly what I was afraid would happen someday with my Christmas-ish baby. That the chaos of the holiday season would eclipse her special day.

I know I have valid excuses this year, and I know she’s only 2, but it’s a habit I’m not willing to let myself slip into.

Somehow I managed to pull it together for her celebration today. It wasn’t anything big or fancy, but there were “Kat Kat” balloons and cake, and a tricycle. And there were smiles and laughter. And there were pictures.

Happy 2nd birthday, little Leyna bug. Thanks for giving me a reason to pause this time of year, and giving me a million reasons to smile every day.