Voting is in full swing for the Inappropriate Elf entries, and I’ve had quite a few emails and comments with questions. So here’s the breakdown.

1. You can still enter until I close entries at midnight CST, December 18th.

2. You don’t have to ask people to vote for you. The top 10 will include the top 3 voted for and 7 chosen by me and HaHas for HooHas.Β 

3. Technically, the system does allow for more than one vote. And I’m okay with people voting for more than one elf, or voting for themselves once a day. That said, the developer is keeping an eye on IP addresses, and any suspicious activity, like multiple votes for the same elf on the same day from the same IP, will be flagged, and that entry is at risk of disqualification.

Simply put, play fair. Santa is watching you.

(Go here to see entries and vote!)

Now that that’s out of the way, let me remind you we are selling Inappropriate Elf cards and mugs with all proceeds going to a Hurricane Sandy relief 501 c3 charity!

And finally, here’s Inappropriate Elf’s TV debut on Texas Living last week!

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