I’m so pregnant…

that I’m too tired and sick to come up with something witty to write to tell you all how pregnant I am.

I think grouchy cat understands.

The facts are these:

I’m 7 weeks, 5 days.

Due July 25th

This was NOT planned.

Totally a surprise, due to basically losing my mind and any concept of time through the end of October and beginning of November, whilst prepping for Inappropriate Elf and all my holiday tutorials.

So basically, the Inappropriate Elf got me pregnant. Kinda.

Which is just hilarious because now that Inappropriate Elf is in full swing and I should really be devoting more time to it, I want to puke just looking at the computer for too long.

Anyway, this is not at all how I planned to tell you all. There was going to be a clever picture and a witty caption. It was going to be Pinterest worthy. But, you know, the sick and the tired and the grouchy and the holidays. So yeah.

Hopefully you’ll all understand why I’ve been so quiet lately. The only things I have to say anymore are pregnancy-related whines, but I wanted to get photographic proof of this before I told the whole world. And, well, I got that today.