Even Inappropriate Elves Can Help People

The ladies from HaHas for HooHas are really… special. I love them for their humor and talent (and Jen’s mad dance skillz), and am so happy they are helping me pick the top 10 Inappropriate Elves this year because I do NOT want that job all to myself.

They’ve also come up with a couple other ways to celebrate Inappropriate Elf season, starting with these cards and mugs in their Zazzle store that will help those affected by Hurricane Sandy

All the proceeds from the sales of these hilarious cards and mugs (perfect for that special sarcastic someone in your life), will go to a Hurricane Sandy Relief 501 c3 charity.

Buy a mug!
Buy a card!

Tell your friends! Especially the ones who are oh so creeped out by the idea of an Elf that watches and reports on your behavior.

And the HaHas for HooHas girls came through big time on an Inappropriate Elf video trailer. It’s hilarious. My favorite part is the happy ending.


Don’t forget, you can enter your very own Inappropriate Elf until December 18th, but voting will start on December 7th. You can read all the rules and details here.

Here are the prizes that are up for grabs!

Click through to see even more Inappropriate Elves!

While we’re on the subject of charitable giving (?) I wanted to plug my friend Gina’s fundraiser. She’s trying to help low-income, urban families get baby carriers from Onya Baby to make life with a baby and public transportation a little easier. I think it’s a fantastic cause. 

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