Per the request of many of you, I’m posting Christmasy tulle wreath tutorials today so you have time to make them between now and Thanksgiving.

Oh, and if you’re super ambitious and still looking for a Thanksgiving wreath to make, don’t forget about Thom the Turkey! 

IT PAINS MY RESPECTING THE TURKEY HEART TO DO SO, but I entirely understand you actually need, like, time to get this done. See how much I love you all?

I’m going to start with the easiest wreath first.

For this wreath you’ll need:

50 yards of white tulle ON A SPOOL (less yardage, obviously, if it’s from a bolt), cut to 15″ pieces
12″ wreath form
1 adult sized santa hat
1 scrap piece of ribbon and needle and thread
Hot glue gun, scissors, pen

I based the size of my wreath form on the Santa hat I found. I’d recommend taking your hat with you to look for wreaths, and seeing what size works best.

For directions on how to best cut your tulle, refer back to my Monster Wreath post.

First, place the hat on your wreath and mark where it each side ends on the wreath. Then you’ll only have to tie your tulle around to those marks.

If you have a green wreath, like I do, it doesn’t hurt to quickly wrap some white tulle around it to minimize the chance of the green showing through. If you have a white wreath, you’re good to go.

Start tying your 15″ white tulle strips around the wreath, from one mark to the other. A simple knot will do just fine.

If you are planning to add a mustache to your Santa wreath, wrap and tie a piece of tulle around the wreath, about 2 inches below where the tulle will meet the hat. I did this while still working on the beard, but I actually think it would be easier to wait until the beard is completely done.

For the mustache, cut the remaining 15″ tulle strips in half. Then tie them around the piece of tulle you wrapped around the middle of the wreath. Again, a simple knot is all it takes.

Finally, use your glue gun to secure the hat onto the wreath. I glued both the sides. I took my leftover tulle strips, balled them up and stuffed them into the hat for a little extra volume. Then I glued the front of the hat and the back to the wreath to hold it all in.

To hang the wreath, the best thing to do is to simply stitch a piece of scrap ribbon to the back of the hat. You could try to hot glue this, but I think a needle and thread will make it a lot more sturdy, especially if you’re hanging it on a door that opens and shuts often. Obviously, it doesn’t have to be pretty. I can’t make a pretty stitch to save my life.

That guy was so super simple, right? Want to make him even simpler? Don’t add a mustache. Still adorable. Maybe even more adorable. I think I’m partial to the one without.

As I said before, this is just the beginning! I have 2 more posts coming up today with all the information you’ll need to get started on a holiday tulle wreath asap. Like me over on Facebook or follow me on Twitter to be one of the first to know when they go up.

 UPDATE! Here they are!
Rudolph the Reindeer Tulle Wreath
And a Reindeer Wreath with more realistic antlers 

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98 thoughts on “Santa Tulle Wreath Tutorial”

  1. I love your wreaths. I made your monster wreath, but mine was pink thanks to my daughter. I just might have to make santa too. Thanks for sharing your creativity.

  2. oooh! I love this one! I made Thom on Saturday night. He is now proudly displayed on my front door. I was hoping you would add some Christmas wreathes. I have a feeling it’s going to be hard to choose.

  3. I just made your Santa Wreath. I added the mustache to mine and it turned out so cute. I also have a black front door so it really pops against the black. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. I just made the Santa wreath and added the mustache. It turned out so cute! I also have a black door and it really pops against the black!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Me and my 9 year old just made this! Thank you for the easy tutorial! If I could figure out how I would love to show you the picture.

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  7. Just finished my wreath and LOVE IT! Carol: I did the same since my store didn’t carry the spools, and bought 10 yards, but had plenty to spare! I kept it folded half and just cut strips, then halved those strips again and cut the edges. Came out very full! Hope that helps!
    You can find the picture of mine here:
    Thanks for this Tutorial! Best DIY decor I’ve ever had!

  8. This wreath is absolutely adorable. I’m a writer for Dollar Store Crafts and wanted to give you a heads up that we’d like to feature your wreath on the site in the next few days. Our feature, of course, will link back to your post in order for readers to see the full tutorial

  9. that is so cute and fast, I decided to make a Santa Claus on the spot. I have all the ingredients on hand. Will post a picture on FB once it’s done
    Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

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  11. This is such a great idea! I just pinned it and can hardly wait for December to make one . Great job–. Thank you so much!

  12. Hi, I don’t know if you will see this or not. I just made this wreath but for some reason the tulle doesn’t look as full as yours. Any suggestions on how to make it look a little fuller.

  13. Made one for my son…a Chef…with a Red Chef’s hat that had embroidered “Kiss the Cook”…loved it…prices much higher in Canada…grrr

  14. I’m the Editorial Assistant for Fun Family Crafts and I wanted to let you know that we have featured your wreath! You can see it here:

    If you have other kid-friendly crafts, we’d love it if you would submit them. If you would like to display a featured button on your site, you can grab one from the right side bar of your post above. Thanks for a wonderful project idea!

  15. Thanks for the great idea! I had my Girl Scout Troop (3rd graders) make mini ones out of grapevine wreaths as an ornament. They all came out super cute! Some of the girls hot glued a pom pom nose under the hat. I made the hats out of a big hat that I cut up.

  16. Howdy!
    Thanks for this awesome idea. I made one of these but used a white wire hanger. I had to shape the hanger a bit but not in a total circle so it looked like more of a face. I cut the strips into 12 inch pieces and then stitched the hat to the hanger. I hung it with the curved part of the hanger.

  17. I used a wire coat hanger for my Santa wreath. Just cut a small hole in the back of the hat and covered the hanger on the top with the hat when I folded it down. Easy, light-weight and saved tulle.

  18. I have an idea to improve (just a little)! I’m a fanatic for details. Sew the ribbon on the back with a button! Then you don’t have to worry about an ugly stitch. It will also add even more reinforcement. Also, buyers will pay attention to this if you are intending to sell 🙂

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  20. Hello! I am new here! I would like to make your Santa Tulle Wreath but the pictures do not seem to be correctly loading for me. I could probably figure it out, but it would be nice to have the pics if possible!


  21. What a lovely wreath, i will have to make this for next Christmas,thank you for sharing.Take Care,kind regards Stacey Palmer

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