My Life the Cliche, My Friend Suzy Jenkins

I got a text from a friend who recently had a baby tonight.

And then, a few hours later, I found myself feeling particularly mopey.

Scott fell asleep while putting Kendall to bed. The house is a mess, despite me cleaning all the things this morning. I’m so worn out from crafting, yet I have so many more crafts to complete. And the wine is almost gone.

Could I be a bigger suburban house wife cliché if I tried?? I think not.

The good news is there is someone out there who truly gets me – Suzy Jenkins.

Warning, this video is full of f-bombs and completely inappropriate language. I love it so hard. You should def. not watch it around your children or your boss or anyone who gets offended easily. And you should definitely not watch it if YOU get offended easily. But if you are alone and feel the need to laugh and are not shocked by liberal use of bad words, you should DEFINITELY WATCH IT.