Live Your Life, Jessica!

So Jessica Simpson is pregnant again. An “unexpected” pregnancy, 7 months after she gave birth to her first daughter.

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I’m happy for her. Surprises happen. I’m sure it will all be fine. What’s there to judge?

SO VERY MUCH, it seems, based on Facebook reactions.

She’s still not married! She’s still fat! She’s going to get even fatter! The baby is going to cause body deformities and she’s ruining any chance at ever being skinny again! She’s going to lose her Weight Watchers contract! Her first baby will be neglected and never get to feel what it’s like to be a “real” baby! She needs to get her life together and stop making mistakes!

Okay, obviously I should know to expect such horror from Facebook. Clearly this is pointing out the obvious. I’m in a ragey mood, though, so roll with it.

I was going to post the 5 FB responses that most make me want to stab kittens, but I don’t have the patience for that much photoshop today. And then, with the stabbing feelings I was getting while looking at the statuses for so long, it was just not good for my mental health and the safety of those around me.

But this? This gem deserved to be shared. My absolute favorite, found on the US Weekly Facebook page.

Yes. High fives to you, ma’am, and I cosign. LIVE YOUR LIFE, JESSICA! And congrats.

I removed the author’s name and pic because I don’t know if she wants me to share her identity with everyone, not trying to take credit for her amazingness! I have a message out to her, asking if I can reveal her awesome identity and will update if she lets me.