Home Reno: Sometimes It’s Just The Little Things (And A Moen Giveaway!)

We’ve been spending a lot of time in the bathroom lately. It’s kinda like a toddler magnet. Leyna’s really into using the potty, and splashing in all things that hold water…

including the toilet.

It’s given me plenty of opportunities to appreciate the mini-reno we did in there recently. We’re pretty big on that kind of thing here. We have only taken on a few really big house projects (like installing our own hardwood floors), but we’ve finished a lot of smaller ones that have updated our home with minimal expense.

We haven’t taken out any loans to finish our projects, we pay for them as we go, so I’m always looking for ways to get the most bang for our buck. 9 times out of 10, all we need to do to a room is paint (walls, cabinets, or both) and change out the fixtures for the room to look brand new.

My favorite site to stalk really great deals is Slickdeals.net. I have their app on my phone, and must admit I check it way too often. It pays off, though! Earlier this year I got a new solid surface countertop with built in sink for the kids’ bathroom for THIRTY DOLLARS. It was 90% off from Lowes.

Of course, once we got the countertop in, we needed a new faucet, which meant we’d have to change out the light fixtures, which would then lead to switching out all the fixtures in the bathroom.

I posted my “If You Give A Jill A Good Deal” predicament on my FB page when I realized all this was about to snowball, and my friends from Moen emailed me right away to say they’d be happy to send me a new faucet and fixtures. Holy grateful!

I’m especially loving this nifty Retractable Towel Ring that I deliberately had Scott install next to his own sink in our bathroom because it is obviously terribly difficult for him to re-hang the towel back on the towel bar after he wipes his hands. So this one just pulls from the wall on a retractable cord. It has “man fixture” written all over it.

Of course, they look amazing, and they’re 10 million times better quality than the builder grade crap we upgraded from. Then Moen was like, can we send you a fancy new shower head and another for you to give to whoever you want?And I was all, YES.

It’s called the Halo, and it’s glorious. You know, for the 5 spare minutes I can find to take a shower in peace.

And I’m going to do a quick giveaway for one of you. Since I have to ship it myself, the winner has to be from the U.S. Sorry everyone else!

All you have to do is comment below, telling me your favorite way to update a room quickly and cheaply. I’m going to hoard all your ideas.

I’ll draw a winner at the end of this week and ship it out with some of my Christmas packages this weekend.

Also, if you’re on Twitter and free this afternoon, I’m going to co-host a little Twitter chat with @Moen. Hope to see you there! (I’m @BabyRabies.)

Disclosure- Moen sent me the bathroom fixtures, faucet and shower heads at no cost to me. I wasn’t obligated to blog about them, but I love them so much – especially that towel ring- that I had to show it all off to you. All pictures and opinions are my own.