This wreath is based on my Rudolph the Reindeer Tulle Wreath tutorial, but this version is a little less goofy, sporting some on-trend realistic (ish??) looking antlers.

This post will cover how to make the antlers.

What you’ll need:

1 5 yd spool of thick wire (I got mine in the beading section of my craft store)
Masking tape (or painters tape, in my case, since that’s what I had lying around)
2 4 oz packs of Model Magic (maybe get 3 packs, just in case)
Wire cutters

Cut one piece of wire to 12.5″ inches long, Fold over .25″ on either side so you don’t have sharp ends.

Wrap it in tape.

Cut 3 pieces of wire to 10″ (final, making sure you fold over the edges if you don’t want sharp ends), 12″ and 8″

Wrap the 10″ wire around the tape-covered wire, about 2″ from the top. Wrap them 12″ wire a few inches below that, and the 8″ wire a couple of inches below that. Line your wooden dowel up about 4″ from the top of your antler, and wrap tape around it and the wire to secure it. You’ll also need to wrap tape around the rest of the wire pieces you just added. It should look like this when you’re done:

Next, wrap and scrunch foil around your entire antler (except 2″ of the wooden dowel) to give it some volume.

Now for the Model Magic.

Let me just pause to say you should thank me for trying paper mache and then realizing what a HORRIBLE idea that was, and sparing you. You’re so very welcome. Actually, you owe Jen from The Martha Project. She’s the one who put the Model Magic idea in my head.

Cover the entire antler (except the bottom 2″ of the wooden dowel) with a layer of Model Magic. I did this by rolling balls the size of my palm, then flattening them and wrapping small portions at a time.

However, I’m not claiming to be an expert here because I certainly think my antlers could use some improvement. Wrap yours however you can get the best results. 

Let them dry 24 hours, then insert them into your reindeer wreath. I definitely recommend using another wooden dowel to pre-drill the holes first, and then use hot glue to keep them in place. This is not a version I would hang on a door since the antlers make the wreath top-heavy. Mine looks quite refined above my fireplace.

Don’t forget to check out my full Rudolph the Reindeer Tulle Wreath tutorial and my Santa Tulle Wreath tutorial!

And there’s still time to make Thom the Turkey Tulle Wreath. 

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5 thoughts on “DIY Antler Tutorial”

  1. I like how you did the more realistic one without the eyes. I’m not the only one who wants you to make this monthly right?

  2. Maybe the antlers should alternate so there not straight across so they look a little more realistic. But awesome anyway

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