Welcome Back, Ladies

Leyna hasn’t nursed in over 3 days. That’s not the result of a conscious decision to wean her on my part. It just happened. That whole don’t offer, don’t refuse approach. She’s not asked for them.

I actually didn’t realize it had been that long until last night when I finally figured out why my breasts were aching….

and looking awesome.

Feel free to mock my MySpace inspired self-portrait.

Can’t they just stay like this forever? Can’t I just pump every 3 days? Will that work?


I feel like we need to go to happy hour together and catch up. It’s been so long since they were both so perky-looking and equal sizes.

Granted, they’re about 3 inches closer to my belly button than they were in our glory days, but so are the bags under my eyes so I really can’t blame them.

I know they can’t stay forever, though. If this weaning thing is really happening, this is just the last hurrah before they skip town, leaving me with (as Jen from HaHas for HooHas put it) balloons filled with pudding.

Or rocks in tube socks.

Or fried eggs.

Until I get pregnant again and start the whole cycle all over.

And then get a boob job?

Leyna is nearly 22 months old, and maybe finally weaning