Halloween is behind us and the Monster Wreath is safely tucked away for next year.

Now, I know some people are eager to start busting out the Christmas decorations, but I. WILL. NOT. We respect the turkeyaround here! And so, in honor of my friend the turkey, I have another super simple tulle wreath tutorial for you.

Meet Thom. With a silent h because of course, why not?


Here’s what you’ll need to make him:

2 small styrofoam balls (about the size of ping-pong balls)
1 small styrofoam cone
3 toothpicks
1 styrofoam wreath
50-75 yards of tulle on a spool (or you can buy tulle on the yard and cut it to size) in a few different colors- like red, orange, and yellow
brown yarn
1 sheet of red craft foam
black & yellow acrylic paint and paintbrushes
glue gun

First, paint the pupils on the eyeballs and paint the cone (beak). Set them to dry. I did this by sticking them in a spare styrofoam wreath I had, using toothpicks.

Wrap 1/3 of the wreath in brown yarn. This is not hard at all, but it’s tedious. Just wrap around and around, keeping the yarn tight so none of the wreath shows through. Tie the yarn off and cut off the excess when you’re done.

Next, cut your tulle. You can refer back to my Monster Wreath tutorial for more directions on how to do that.

For Thom’s “feathers” I tied 5 pieces of each color, and alternated the 3 colors all the way around the remaining 2/3 of the wreath.

Insert toothpicks into each eye and the beak and insert them into the wreath, in the middle of the brown yarn. If you haven’t figured this out by now, the yarn is the turkey’s body.

Finally, fold a piece of red craft foam in half and cut out the waddle, making sure to make it skinny at the top (where the fold is).

You’ll drape the waddle over the beak and secure it with hot glue.

That’s it! Isn’t he a charmer? Don’t you want to have him over for dinner sometime?

Can’t wait to see all your variations!

If you’re having trouble finding tulle on a spool near you (my Hobby Lobby has TONS in lots of colors), check out tulle on a spool from Amazon!

Here I am, showing off how to make Thom on Texas Living!

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135 thoughts on “Thom The Turkey Tulle Wreath Tutorial”

  1. I’m so making this! I made the Tulle Monster Wreath and so many people complimented it. All the teenage girls who trick or treated at our house last night said it was so cute. So you know if teenage girls like it, it must rock!

  2. LOVE THIS!! Especially because November is my fave time of year and it always gets over looked by Halloween and Christmas. I really want to do this but need to convince hubby that I’ll actually finish this project if I start it. Ehhhh maybe I’ll still do it.

  3. Oh my goodness this is adorable! I hope to get it done this year but if not, for sure next. I have wanted a Thanksgiving wreath!

    1. I got two yards of each of the thee colors that I used and had some left, so 1.5 would definitely work! Love the finished, product…thanks for the great idea!!

  4. Thanks for sharing this!! I made this little guy over the weekend and it turned out great! Shared the directions (and a link to your blog) on my site today. What are you going to come up with for Christmas?? Can’t wait to see it! Best, Kim (thebedrestbookclub.com)

  5. Image this over the weekend and everyone loves it…even my 17 year old son! He said he is super cute! Tank you for sharing this with everyone :). Oh and tulle was super hard to find in these colors. I could only find the glitter tulle red, orange and yellow which made a huge mess, but it turned out gorgeous!

  6. Made one this weekend. My daycare kiddo’s loved it when they came in this morning. This was really simple to do. I have to ask to you have a Christmas one coming since you did for Halloween, and Thanksgiving? If so I would love for you to share it as well…..HINT….HINT! =)

  7. I normally don’t like to decorate our front door, but WOW! I’m loving your Thom Bird or as my 4yr son calls turkeys..”chickens”. Off to make a Hobby Lobby run later today! Thanks for posting!

  8. I love the turkey,hes adorable but I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, I cut all my tulle 13″ and it will barely go around the wreath. Now I don’t know what to do with all this tulle.

      1. Wow. Okay. Widths of wreaths will vary. All of this is variable. How about people just do what works for them? I gave an approximation. Cut a piece, try to tie it, see if that works for you. If not? CUT A BIGGER PIECE.

      1. About 12-15″ each. After they were completely cut, not before they were cut in half. Since wreaths can vary in size, try to cut a piece and tie it on. See how you like it, then use that as your guide.

  9. My kids are so excited for me to make this one! Thanks for sharing such a cute idea! I also featured this on my blog for everyone to see! So cute!!

  10. How long is the waddle? I’m making this tomorrow with a bunch of friends! It is so popular that we’re doing it at two people’s houses at the same time so that everyone can participate.

  11. Ok so why do you post these “crafts” if you cannot even type in the write directions on how to make the damn thing!!!??!!! I..being the stupid one actually thought you knew what u were doing so i bought everything you needed to make one of these god awful things…and.. hey guess what?… the “instructor” on how to make the damn things doesnt even know how to measure lengths! Seriously take this little craft site down before you screw someone else’s day over…oh and their wallet…Heres a tip….why don’t you double check your directions you post online!!!!!! before posting it!!! you learn that in 2nd grade!!!! check your work before you turn it in…. dunce!!!

    1. Trishna, calm down. I have never made a craft and not tweaked it a bit. I have no idea what size your wreath was. It’s not a hard thing to adjust. I gave you the basic concept. All you have to do is take the supplies you have and make some adjustments. Bye!

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  13. This is so cute. I’m going to make this with my 11 year old granddaughter this weekend. She loves doing crafts. Can’t wait to show her this.

  14. Love this! Friend shared this on facebook last night, and while I see that it is an older craft, I am hoping that you are still responding. I have found where the different amounts of tulle (for bolt or spool), I have found where you advise 12-15″ long, but I can’t find anywhere where you say how wide you have made the strips of tulle. Please advise, I would really like to do this as a gift for our hostess this year. Thank you!

  15. Heading out to pick up everything I need for it. Gonna start working on it tonight while watching some old movies.

  16. Just finished mine, first wreath I ever made and I love how it turned out! I think I’m going to try Rudolph next. Thanks for sharing such a cute project!

  17. I made one this weekend as my 10 yr old mirrored me and made one for grandma. Great bonding time together. We used glittered tulle, which turned out adorable. However, we have glitter from one end of our house to the other.

  18. I cannot wait to make this wreath this weekend with the kiddos. It seems super simple and easy. Thanks for the instructions and ideas for tulle wreaths.

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