A conversation with 4 year old Kendall:

Who’s your favorite mommy?
Who’s your favorite daddy?
Who’s your favorite sister?

Clint is a kid at school. I’m guessing he has a sister who has never kicked over Kendall’s LEGOs.

5 thoughts on “Perhaps She’s Broken One Too Many Block Towers”

  1. this makes me laugh. my brothers never seemed to like me. their loss! my daughter doesn’t seem to care too much but we’ve always laughed it off when we built towers and asked the baby to crash them. preventative medicine? I don’t know. hopefully her niceness about this will continue. lol

  2. Classic sibling shun. I remember disowning my younger sister after she threw her Beauty and the Beast hand mirror at my head as I taunted her as I stood on the couch. Needless to say, I called her my little brother for a few years and questioned anyone who dare suggest I had a younger sister. Luckily blood is thicker than water. 😉

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