I have crafts to make, pumpkins to carve and candy-rabid children to keep at bay today, so not much time for a post with words and stuffs. Instead, I give you pumpkin patch pictures, taken with my new (to me) Canon 5D MK II! I don’t think I’ve officially announced my new baby on here yet. I upgraded cameras a few weeks ago after selling my Canon T2i to Stephanie and getting a crazy-good deal on my MK II from Adorama. 

I don’t have it mastered just yet. There’s a bit of a learning curve, but I’m slowly figuring things out and am so excited about the potential it has, especially in low-light settings.

Also, I’m obsessed with all things from Birdesign, including their blog boards and photo collages, like the one above. I even purchased some of the iPhone5 case templates so I can officially become that mom who uses things with pictures of her kids on it outside the home. I’m so deeply entrenched in this suburban mom cliché, it’s not even funny.

Hope you all have a wonderful, safe Halloween!

Oh, and make sure you check in tomorrow! If you loved my Monster Wreath tutorial and are sad to take yours down, fear not. I have something equally cute that you can make this weekend to celebrate Thanksgiving. If you’re in the DFW area, you can watch me on Texas Living at 11 a.m. tomorrow. I’ll be revealing the fun project then!

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5 thoughts on “My Halloween Treat? A New Camera”

  1. It’s definitely time for me to upgrade. I’ve been pounding my Rebel XT to death. Luckily, once you’ve got “the glass” (don’t I sound all fancy photog?) upgrading bodies isn’t too bad. Emphasis on the “too”. Gorgeous pictures. Gorgeous kiddos

  2. Whoa. I am sooooo slow. (I’ll blame it on “mommy brain”) I’ve been a fan on facebook (thanks to Jaime Grayson), but have to admit I don’t have time to be a super loyal follower of the blog (blaming it on the three kids under 5 this time). I did a double take at these pics and thought my one glad of wine did me in – I have these same shots with my kids at the same place! It’s about a mile from my house. Now that I know you’re a local blogger, I will make an effort to read your blog more often. Thanks for blogging!

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