Thom The Turkey Tulle Wreath Tutorial


Halloween is behind us and the Monster Wreath is safely tucked away for next year. Now, I know some people are eager to start busting out the Christmas decorations, but I. WILL. NOT. We respect the turkeyaround here! And so, in honor of my friend the turkey, I have another super simple tulle wreath tutorial […]

My Halloween Treat? A New Camera


I have crafts to make, pumpkins to carve and candy-rabid children to keep at bay today, so not much time for a post with words and stuffs. Instead, I give you pumpkin patch pictures, taken with my new (to me) Canon 5D MK II! I don’t think I’ve officially announced my new baby on here […]

You Can’t Freeze Time, But You Can Record It – School Years Giveaway


I pulled Kendall’s momAgenda School Years organizer out today to fill some information in and glue in a picture of him from k-3 (I’ve split the “preschool” page in 2 for k-3 and k-4). As it started to come together, I could imagine how amazing it will be in 13 years when it’s full to […]

Thoughts On Adding Another- Would 3 Be Tempting Fate?


We’ve reached the point in time when people are now openly asking us when we will have another baby. We’ve been quite open with everyone near us that we plan to have 3, so it’s natural for them to assume the 3rd will be announced any day now. Leyna is about the exact age Kendall […]