I puffy pink sparkly heart the fall. This is my season.

Sadly, it’s basically non-existent in Texas… at least in the way it is in some parts of the country. We don’t get changing foliage or apple picking here. I can hardly throw on a light scarf in the middle of the day without dying from the oppressive heat around my neck.

I tried to wear a long sleeve top and jeans the other day, and came home practically stripping as I was walking up the driveway.

Too soon! Too soon!

Premature fall-ification. Happens to me every year.

I got to set off for a vacation to the Smoky Mountains and Sevierville, TN this past weekend, though, and it was slightly more fall-ish there, especially in the mountains.

So I had plenty of opportunities to wear my new boots.

I. love. these. boots.

Nicole Maverick Boots

If you’re looking for a new pair, they’re from DSW, got them for a steal when I compare the quality to other similar boots I’ve been eyeing for over a year. Not paid to say it. Just love them, that’s all.

14 thoughts on “Boot Love”

  1. We should swap homes. Every year I refuse to give in to the cold weather and I wear tank tops in the too cool weather. I actually like the fall but summer is too short lived here. 🙁

    1. Ugh. I despise the summer. I’m sure I’d despise the winter up there, though. It’s the lovely in-between seasons that are my favorites. I like spring almost as much as fall, but not quite because of all the tornadoes we get down here then.

  2. I am so ready for fall too. San Diego’s fall doesn’t really start until late November, but since it’s the only other season besides summer, it lasts the perfect amount of time!

  3. px9yF4 Wealthy and traveling anywhere and whenever I want with my doggie, plus helping get dogs fixed, and those that need homes, and organizations that do thus and such.

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