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Safe AND Sporty? Yup! The New 2013 Honda Accord

Let me just preface this post by saying, whoa, this job is awesome sometimes. While some days I’m blogging about how the everydayView full post »


Days Like This

Days like this… they happen. Days when I just can’t seem to find the energy to put my wheels in motion. Or rather, to get anyView full post »


Special Delivery: Proof That Daddy Didn’t Always Have a Beard

On October 8th, it will be 6 years since the day Scott and I got married. Our wedding was something you’d see in a magazine.View full post »


Apple Pancake, Egg & Goat Cheese Sandwiches

Last night, I was at a loss for dinner ideas. Kendall desperately wanted pancakes. I bought an apple pancake mix from the The Apple Barn inView full post »


I Tied A Wish In The Wind

It started with a walk through a door… And into a garden at one end of a bridge. It was shaded with trees, and the sun pokedView full post »


Boot Love

I puffy pink sparkly heart the fall. This is my season. Sadly, it’s basically non-existent in Texas… at least in the way it isView full post »


Child Passenger Safety- Are You Up To Speed?

Every day, I load my kids into a hunk of steel and glass on wheels, and I buckle them into their car seats. We go hurtling down roads atView full post »


Books I Hide From My Children

I love reading to my kids. I love that my kids love that I read to them. I, generally, love children’s books. Except for these, whichView full post »


The Anxious Inconvenience

Next year I won’t have him all to myself, except on the weekends and the holidays on a public school calendar. It’s a fact thatView full post »


Boo! It’s A Monster Of A Wreath Tutorial

For the last few years, I’ve proudly hung my original TuTu Halloween Wreath on our front door to get into the Halloween spirit, butView full post »


The Miracle Milk Fund for Jamie, A Warrior Mother

Click Here to To Donate! For as much attention as mainstream media likes to give mothers and drama (or “mommy wars”) on theView full post »


Keep It Cool- A Packit & Weelicious Giveaway

Life with my husband can be… interesting. He works for the FDA. He has a masters in food science. He knows WAY too much about everyView full post »


Mommy Truths: Calories That Shouldn’t Count & Losing Sleep

You may have seen these on Facebook already. I’ve already uploaded them to my Facebook Page. (Do you like me over there yet? YouView full post »


My Husband TV Premier Cheated On Me

The phone rang at 9:02 last night. Scott was out of town for the night on a business trip. I figured he was calling to check in for theView full post »


DIY Barn Door Track Tutorail

Scott, my husband, is an AMAZING DIY handyman. I like to call him the Handy Husband. Between the hardwood floors, our entire home office,View full post »


Blogging About Blogging: Blogher Links and Sponsor Love

Remember how I was on a panel about blogging “professionally” at Blogher this year? Well, the live-blog is available as well asView full post »


10 Things Parents Should Do

1. Educate yourself– read books, read *reputable* websites, get various opinions, talk to your doctors 2. Don’t alwaysView full post »


Please Don’t Turn Airplane Apologies Into An Expectation

In case you’ve been living under an internet-less rock, or you haven’t been frequenting the parenting-blogger circuit and everyView full post »


On Wine and Escaping and Winning Money (Really, You Can Win $100)

Me + A glass of wine + My office – noise = My Chateau I’m not all that fabulous with math (I blame calculators and Google),View full post »


Fight Toy Clutter And Win

“My house will NEVER look like a toy store threw up all over it. Gah. Primary-colored pieces of plastic are practically offensive toView full post »


It’s Labor Day! Let’s Talk Labor Stories

Okay, so I’m taking the easy way out today. I’m sure you’ll all understand that I would rather spend my time hanging outView full post »


“Half Circle, Half Circle”

Scott does this thing with Kendall a few nights out of the week where they sit down and they practice writing letters and numbers. TonightView full post »