Bracing For The Influx of Artwork

The kids go back to school next week (::angels sing::), and this year Kendall’s in the big Preschool class, the one with the 4 year olds. THE ONE THAT COMES BEFORE KINDERGARTEN.

Wow. That seems almost not possible.

Leyna will continue to go 2 days a week to Mothers Day Out.

I will continue to sort through massive piles of artwork, handprints on construction paper and scribbles on worksheets, to determine what is and isn’t sweet enough to take up space in this house. A little piece of me dies every time I recycle something the kids put their own stamp on (even if that “stamp” is a single piece of macaroni and a red zig-zag scribble in the corner), but a bigger piece of me is non-sentimental with a heart of steel, trying to keep this house from looking like a scene from Hoarders.

We rearranged the playroom last night, and re-hung the artwork displays I made.

Those beautiful pictures on either side were gifts from Modern Bird Studios. 

The first cut artwork has to make is onto the board. Now that Kendall’s old enough, I ask him what he wants me to put up there, and if there’s not enough room, what he wants me to take down. From there, I try to keep only the unique stuff, and only the stuff I’m sure they had a big part in making. Sometimes Leyna comes home with pictures that I’m fairly confident were colored by her teachers. I toss those and hope she isn’t some sort of artistic prodigy unbeknownst to me.

If you missed my tutorial on how to make these super simple art display boards, check it out here:

Related: This weekend, I stumbled across an app called Artkive (thanks to the Pea In A Podcast’s Facebook page) and I just downloaded it. It looks amazing. You can take pictures of your kids’ art, tag it, save it, share it with approved people, even print it off into a book later. I haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but thought I’d tell you all about it since the app is free for a limited time. Not sponsored, just wanted to share.