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Begin The Soul-Sucking That Is Potty Training

I was feeling a little proud of ourselves this week. Leyna started pooping on the little potty. Not really asking to do so, but doingView full post »


A Teacher’s Gift: Feed Projects

I always struggle with what to get the kids’ teachers at the end of the year. How do you show your appreciation for them andView full post »


Finding Peace Through My Lens

My soul needed the trip I took last weekend. It was a “work” trip (and I’ll blog more about the work side of things nextView full post »


Something Amazing

“Kendall, what are you going to learn at school tomorrow?” I whispered as we laid in his bed under his solar system mobileView full post »


Back To School Means Getting Back To Organized, a momAgenda Giveaway

It’s Sunday night. Kendall goes back to school this week. He starts k-4 (preschool) on Tuesday. I feel like this year is a dressView full post »


Future Memories Of My Frustration

Every day, every night I worry. Am I messing this up? Am I completely failing? This parenting shit is hard. We’veView full post »


Mommy Truth: Why I Really Invite You Over

Though, be sure I won’t be shining my trashcan or sterilizing the toys for you. I already took the PlaydateView full post »


It Really Is A Breeze, A Giveaway

There are some pieces of baby stuff that I’ve just come to accept will always be a giant pain in the ass. The playard (orView full post »


(Breast)Milk On Ice

“Hey, the ice machine isn’t working anymore. I tried several times to unjam it, but I don’t think there are any chunks ofView full post »


Bracing For The Influx of Artwork

The kids go back to school next week (::angels sing::), and this year Kendall’s in the big Preschool class, the one with the 4 yearView full post »


Mommy Truth: Don’t Judge My Productivity By My Appearance

Just because I look like a slob at 4:30 p.m. doesn’t mean I haven’t spent the day getting shit done. (And chasing kids, andView full post »



@mommyluvscoffee@howtobeadad She’s this cute because she’s THAT challenging. It’s all a direct correlation. MotherView full post »


A Warrior Mother Needs Our Help

Last night, around 3 a.m., Leyna woke. And it was one of those cries that let me know she was hungry or just plain annoyed andView full post »


One Hole

I wouldn’t want you all to think that all I post about these days are pretty pictures and crap. So, just to remind you all of myView full post »


When Did THIS Happen?

Uh… four year old? Are you still in there? Because you look 14 toView full post »


White Balance: The Difference Between Pretty and Dog Pee

You know what’s been driving me CRAZY for nearly 2 years? The pictures I put up of Leyna’s nursery right before she was born.View full post »


Toddler Fingerprints In The Frosting

Just got done processing these pics from the mini-birthday celebration we had for my mom right before I left for Blogher. I figured theyView full post »


Pretty Things or Why I’m Not A Fashion Blogger

The first title was what I planned on using before I actually took the pictures for this post. The second is, well, obvious. Blogher isView full post »


The Tangle, A Milestone

She’s long had an obsession with twirling and rubbing and combing her chubby little fingers through hair to fall asleep. When my hairView full post »


But Seriously, WHY Are There Geckos In My Toilet?

The first time it happened, I was like, “OMG! That is so crazy! What a freak incident to pee on a gecko! I hope that NEVER happensView full post »


Blogher12 Photo Vomit

I was going to write a post full of words and thoughts, pictures were to be careful interspersed. It was hard to put together, but I gotView full post »


Back In Time Series: Christmas Songs Are Condescending

This was only just last Christmas, so some of you may remember it, but it’s one of those stories that gets much funnier with age. IView full post »


Back In Time Series: Toddler Mood Swings

This post was originally published when Kendall was 23 months old. It’s even more funny now. Leyna is 19 months old (I think?), andView full post »