The Way I View: Fatherhood

I’m lucky, so so lucky to have Scott as my parenting partner. He is truly my equal when it comes to this gig, always picking up his fair share (and many times, I’d say more than that).

Is there anything sweeter and sexier than a man who says, “Babe, relax. Take a break. I’ll take the kids grocery shopping. What do you need me to get?” If you’re young, hip, single with no kids, don’t answer that, m’kay?

He says that to me about twice a week. I know. LUCKY! Try not to hate me.

And they’re always gone long enough for me to collect myself, get a little work done, pick up a little, and pour a glass of wine.

Well, except for tonight when I was obviously that weird mom following them around the store with my camera.

I’m so fortunate that this is the way I view fatherhood.

This was June’s assignment for the Clickin Moms The Way I View monthly photo project. 

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  1. I love this post.

    Mine always gives me cash and shoves me out the door saying, “I’ve got him, go get your nails done, you’re stressed!” Love a good man 🙂

  2. So. Jealous. My husband gets up with my son on the weekends so I can sleep in so I really can’t complain, but having some alone time to sew would be just as awesome.

    • Is there any reason you can’t ask for a sewing day once a month or so? Or maybe there’s another parent out there who wants a sewing day (or whatever) and you could swap childcare for an afternoon?

  3. My husband is the same way and I never, ever take it for granted. I know how lucky I am to be married to a man who does the cooking and grocery shopping and a lot of the cleaning and more than his fair share with our boys. I think more and more this is how men are in our generation, and that trend is a very positive one!

  4. Whitney Alexander Marrs on

    My husband is the same way. He will always offer to take my son with him when he can and goes to the grocery store for me all the time. We are very lucky ladies. 🙂

  5. Cheryl Amabile Oliver on

    My hubby is awesome like too. But sadly his offers to take ALL the kids has slowed down a lot since baby #3…I can’t blame him…three kids at the grocery store is a lot!

  6. Chelsea Keepcalmandcarrythem Wybrow on

    As I read this, my hubby is washing up. After he made dinner. Again. His words before filling the sink? “Go sit on the couch. Relax.”

  7. How wonderful. 🙂

    The other half of the equation is you letting him take over. I see a lot of women creating their own prison of servitude because they can’t let go of the control or let go of being The One. It’s hard to let go, since everything in our DNA tells us it’s all up to us or our children wont survive. DNA hasn’t caught up with modern life where fathers actually CAN be trusted to protect their children. I know in the early days/weeks/months of motherhood, I had to leave the premises in order to let my husband actually parent without me hovering, and “coaching.”. I couldn’t stop myself if I was there.

    I actually have the opposite problem with my husband – he is the one who doesn’t ask for some recharge time, I have to push him and it often doesn’t work. Sometimes I feel like its one more thing for me to take care of – making sure he has some me time – or else he gets crabby. And now I’m whining. Whoops.

    Yay for your hubby and yay for you. You make a great team and it’s fun reading about it.

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