I’m really enjoying having the ability to offer whatever amazingly cool downloads I want over on my Facebook page. It’s sorta (but not really) making up for the shit-tastic way Facebook is messing with how many people see my content!

Not that I’m bitter.

Anyway, it’s HOT, like, everywhere, right? Well, except for where Mandy is because she swears it’s depressingly cold and cloudy there, and I believe her when she says that’s legitimately saddening this time of year.

Whether it’s hot or cold, I know that pregnant gals across the country can relate to this- ALL THE THERMOSTATS ARE BELONG TO YOU.

Timeout! Before my parents read this and freak out, I AM NOT PREGNANT. I repeat, I AM NOT PREGNANT. 

I did make something like this the last time I was pregnant, though, and yes, it totally hung in that exact spot for about 5 months. This version is just a little prettier.

Not only did I make the I-will-cut-off-your-balls version, but I also made a couple more… clean and simple versions, each in a blue & gray and green & orange design.

To download the hi-res, watermark free version, head on over to my Facebook page! You’ll have to like me first to unlock the download.

1 thought on “Property Of The Pregnant One- Free Printable”

  1. I’m 30 weeks pregnant and the temp here has been over 100 degrees for the last 10 days. It’s miserable. This will come in handy!

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