56 thoughts on “Pre-Kid Problems”

  1. Oh man. Milk and eggs used to always expire around here prekids!

    Yesterday I muttered to myself how annoying it was that I had so much food in my fridge that I had to keep taking things out and moving them around to get to the milks. Total first world problem.

    1. I seriously had shirts that just didn’t look right because my boobs were too big and perky, at least for an office setting. I swear, I could never buy tops at Banana Republic before I had kids.

  2. I can honestly say that these weren’t really problems for me before. I guess it just depends on your normal lifestyle.

  3. I was thinking brunch and then you did it. Love it.

    I especially love how (in someone else’s hands) this could have EASILY gone bad and self-righteous the way parents can – like nothing that isn’t kid-centric is important. I can always count on you to stay far away from that.

    1. Thank you for noticing that, Lisa. I made a conscious effort to not go into that territory. These are all legitimately things that bothered me before I had kids. I mean, Scott and I would be up at, like, 10:30 on a Saturday morning and be all, “So? I guess we’ll go to the mall… again? I mean, I have no idea what else we’re going to do this weekend.” This is me making fun of the old me.

  4. The local movie theater has shows for $4 at 10am….I can’t drag myself out of bed that early on a Saturday.

  5. Ugh I really don’t like this nail polish color. I guess I’ll have to take it off and paint them a different color.

    I am so sick of going to the gym every day! I think I’ll take a nice long jog outside today.


  6. Gah! There are so many unused rooms in this house. Seems so wasteful to have two guest bedrooms… I’m sick of having to dust them once a month. 🙂 (& now guest are forced to sleep on a pull out sofa- lol)

  7. It’s too lonely in the bathroom. Someone please come with me.

    I would get bored showering and whatnot. I loved when my husband would sit in the bathroom with me while I showered. And before husband, it was my best friend who came with me.

  8. LOLOLOL! Excellence. Especially the “i’ve already seen all the good movies that are out right now.”

    Maybe also “I feel like I don’t spend enough time around the house”

    “I’ve already read this book.. Book club wants to read it. CAN’T HANDLE THE TWO TIMES IN A ROW.”

    “Want to get a pet. Freaked out by poop clean up.”

  9. “The car last clean just 3 weeks this time.”

    “Do I have my manicure done or do I have lunch first?”

    “It’s my friend’s kid’s b-party, where is the toy store and what should I buy?”

  10. These are great!

    “So many conflicts on my social calendar. Do I *really* feel like going to three parties in one night? I’m so exhausted!”

    “We’re out of wine?!” oh wait, that one’s the same pre-kid as post kid.

  11. So I’m still pregnant with #1, but it’s setting in early. I’m not looking forward to the droopy boobage and saggy belly people always seem to face after, haha. 🙁 I am just enjoying having awesome boobs while they last. It’s new to me. 😀


    “I have 3 short sexy club dresses/skirts and I can’t decide which one to wear out tonight. :(”
    “I don’t know if I want to drink rum & coke or tequila shots.”
    “I can’t decide if I want a caramel macchiato or a mocha frappucino.”
    “My apartment is just too clean, I feel like no one lives here.”

    You can probably tell, I pretty much went directly from college to baby… lol.

  12. ive done weightlifting since i was 14 even before i knew i was gay does this make me a stereotype? and furthermore do you think someone would still want to have sex with me even though i have anal warts?

  13. Also, noticed the bright green cable that is the NBN creeping in the direction of my place. Hooray! Totally over slow and expensive wifi from mega-corp-international and will look forward to signing up with an Adelaide based ISP.

  14. Words cannot describe how much I love this video, this makes me laugh every time I watch it. Somewhere in the depths of the Lerner basement, there is a video of me around my 4th or 5th birthday where I am literally shoving chocolate birthday cake into my mouth with my fist (and getting my entire face while I’m at it). I looked like I got into a fight with a swamp…and lost. Great minds think (eat) alike.

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  • So grateful to have a partner who picks up what I drop, kisses the booboos I miss, reads the bedtime stories I have to work through, and loves our kids in ways I aspire to. Happy Fathers Day to him and all the dads who are doing this exhausting and exhilarating thing called parenthood 💖
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  • Lately Wallace has been jumping right in to everything we’re doing. He wants to watch movies with us, play ball, wrestle, eat Takis 🤣 and everything else. I forgot how much I love this stage. I think maybe it gets more fun the more kids you have. You really can not tell him he’s not a big kid. He’s not having any of that nonsense. (And yeah, he loves him some spicy Takis.) (This is totally one of those pics that looks like they swapped legs!)
  • Naps are awesome though... right? 😴
  • 🤣🤣🤣 I have quite a collection of pix of Scott doing the drop-the-baby-and-run move. #momtographer