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Back In Time Series: The First Post

This week, I’m running a very special series where I’m going to repost some old posts many of you may have never read before.View full post »


Think And Link Before You Share

This is a post I’ve intended to write for a long time, but every time I sit down to do it, my fingers are filled with RAGE. BecauseView full post »


Being Elmo: Elmo Redeemed Himself A Bit

Last night I made myself step away from work, leave my phone behind, and park it on the couch next to Scott for some TV time. We’reView full post »


Badges Of Honor From Seasons Of Life

It occurred to me last night, as I watched Jimmy Fallon sing “Walk Of Shame” with Dave Matthews during his primetime special,View full post »


Thinking Out and Improving Your Photos, Plus a $450 Clickin Moms Giveaway!

I get questions every now and then about what settings I use to take my pictures and how I make them look a certain way (bright, colorful,View full post »


A Peek At Our New Barn-Style Doors & My New Favorite Backdrop

This weekend, Scott finished up a couple barn-style doors on a track that he pieced together completely on his own, based on someView full post »



Sometimes I shudder when I recall how completely paralyzed I was by anxiety. How it ruled the way I mothered… how it threatened toView full post »


Blographer – I’ll Be The One In The Sash

So, very exciting fun news to share with all of you! I became a pageant queen over night after winning my very first title! Not really, BUTView full post »


A Horror Story About Reptiles In Toilets

Last night, right before bed, I peed on a gecko. A gecko in my toilet. A gecko I only discovered AFTER I stood up to flush because, OFView full post »


Pre-Kid Problems

Remember all those problems we had before we had kids?  Totally inspired by the First World Problems meme What were some of yourView full post »


Playing Means Learning – A LEGO DUPLO Review and $100 Giveaway

Kendall, my 4 year old, seems to be rapidly picking up basic literacy skills these days. It’s like something just clicked in him,View full post »


Be The One To Make Others Smile- Blogher & Life Advice

From the moment I landed in NYC in August 2010, I was eternally grateful that I would “know” (in that we’d exchangedView full post »


CoolSculpting Progress Report 1

I had my fat frozen this week with 4 CoolSculpting treatments. I started with my upper and lower abs on Wednesday at the Epicenter ParkView full post »


What To Get That Kid Of The Parents You Hate THE MOST

Step aside, finger paints. Your time is up, drum set. There is a new guy in town, and he’s the most passive AGGRESSIVE of all theView full post »


You’ve Got A Friend In Me… And a Babysitter

Well, what an adventurous few days it has been! I apologize for all the site issues. I mean, it’s very possible nobody is even seeingView full post »


A Letter To My 51 Year Old Self

Dear Me 20 Years From Now, I wonder if you’ve become one of those women who briefly lingers around, a safe distance behind, youngView full post »


Property Of The Pregnant One- Free Printable

I’m really enjoying having the ability to offer whatever amazingly cool downloads I want over on my Facebook page. It’s sortaView full post »


Fireworks, bah-humbug!

So, who else is chugging a pot of coffee this morning after waking ELEVENTY BILLION TIMES last night? Our jackhole neighbors were shootingView full post »


#InappropriateElf In July

#InappropriateElf wanted to be sure you all have a safe and happy holiday. He’s enjoying his time off, and is taking advantage ofView full post »


The Way I View: Fatherhood

I’m lucky, so so lucky to have Scott as my parenting partner. He is truly my equal when it comes to this gig, always picking up hisView full post »



Leyna wakes early from her nap. Again. Screaming. I go in to soothe her and try to put her back down. She throws her pacifier at my faceView full post »


A Refreshed Pillowcase Dress Tutorial

Remember that one time I told you all if I had a little girl, she’d wear pillowcase dresses?  I dug through my fabric scraps thisView full post »