Back In Time Series: The First Post


This week, I’m running a very special series where I’m going to repost some old posts many of you may have never read before. It’s all super special, just for you, and not at all because I’m running around like a crazy person right now, preparing for Blogher, or because there’s no way in hell […]

Think And Link Before You Share


This is a post I’ve intended to write for a long time, but every time I sit down to do it, my fingers are filled with RAGE. Because when people steal my content or my friends’ content, or they take credit for my friends’ content, or they simply don’t give an F about anyone’s content, […]

Being Elmo: Elmo Redeemed Himself A Bit

Last night I made myself step away from work, leave my phone behind, and park it on the couch next to Scott for some TV time. We’re about to embark on a crazy 10 days, and I wanted to enjoy a quiet night of being lazy together. So I poured a glass of wine, and […]

Badges Of Honor From Seasons Of Life

Valentines 02

It occurred to me last night, as I watched Jimmy Fallon sing “Walk Of Shame” with Dave Matthews during his primetime special, that I’m glad I experienced some of those not-all-that-fun at the time things during college, like a walk of shame or two. At the time, I didn’t think sleeping on an air-mattress for […]