My mom introduced me to this leafy green treat. No really, it’s delicious.


It’s not at all like you’re eating big leaves. It really is like eating the lightest, crispiest chips.

Make you some.

Be sure you start with really dry leaves, so wash them and then pat them dry with a towel, even put them away for a little while after washing so they dry completely.

Then cut the leaves away from the stem and into 3 inch-ish pieces. Spread them out on a baking sheet and LIGHTLY coat them with extra virgin olive oil and just a TEENSY TINY BIT of salt.

Don’t overdo the salt. Trust me.

Some recipes say to cook for 15 minutes some for 30. I found 25 minutes at 350 was the perfect time for our oven. Be careful not to let them burn once they get crispy.

That’s it, that’s all! The kids love them, we inhale them. You should try them.

This is taken mostly from how my mom told  me to make them, but also from this recipe on AllRecipes.com

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