Children Can’t Be Trusted

A week.. two weeks.. quite a while ago, I asked Kendall what he thought we should get daddy for Fathers Day.

“Do you think he’d like a tool belt?” I finally asked after hearing out Kendall’s suggestions – like Power Rangers, candy, and Playdoh.

“Sure!” he replied, clearly on board.

“It’s a secret, okay? You can’t tell daddy. Alright?” I whispered, feeling a little more confident than I have in the past that a now 4-year old could maybe be trusted.

I snuck out of the house today to go to Home Depot for a nearly last minute gift pickup. I wound up getting a tool “caddy” a tool “tote” and a canvas tool “apron.” (The guy is forever wandering around looking for his hammer and tape measure while he’s fixing and building things. They are all much needed.)

I also came home with two arms full of groceries, to a crying, sick toddler. I dropped everything on the table, scooped Leyna up from Scott’s arms and told him to just avoid going out to the Jeep until I could get some “things” out of it.

Of course, we both completely forgot about that agreement when he and Kendall took off on an ice cream run tonight.

“Jill, uh… don’t you need to get something out of the Jeep?” he asked sheepishly as he walked back in the door.

“Oh, shoot! Did you see it?” I asked.

“No. I mean, I saw something but I don’t know what it is,” he tried his best to lie. He’s terrible at lies.

From behind Scott, in an excited whisper, Kendall tugged on his shirt and said, “It’s a TOOL BELT! Dad, dad, it’s a tool belt.” Scott laughed and played dumb. I smiled and shrugged my shoulders.

“Mom, dad? Come ON you guys. IT’S A TOOL BELT!” he shouted, not understanding why we didn’t seem to hear him.

“Well, technically it’s not a tool belt. So, you’ll still be surprised… a little.”

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  1. That’s exactly why I didn’t tell the kids what they were getting John for Father’s Day. I had them make picture frames last week and they thought it was just a craft project – NOPE! That’s Daddy’s present. But I KNEW if I told them what they were really working on, they’d tell John before the paint was dry.

  2. My almost 5 year old will keep the secret unless asked directly. So if hubby asks “what did you get me at the store?” she’ll tell the truth because she thinks she’ll be in super big trouble if she tells a lie (which under non-gift giving situations is true)

  3. I had the same thing happen yesterday except he asked. He never asks so I didn’t even think to tell the boys not to tell so yesterday on the swim he asks Keaghan what we got him for fathers day and K yells out “shoes!”. All he wanted was new sneakers for the summer since he is a camp director so we got him some new Converse. Oh well, it’s a good thing the kids didn’t know about the gps keyring we also bought!

  4. My mom once tricked me into telling her what she and my dad got her for Christmas. I think I was maybe 7? I remember being as mad as I had ever been …

    So, I’m trying to enjoy the days before they know how to keep a secret!

    Awesome gift, I’m sure he loved it!

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