#CatEffects -The Funniest Thing To Happen To iPhoneography

Yesterday morning, my brilliant, hilarious sister posted this to my Facebook wall.

At first I was all, “Aww! That’s the picture I took of her and Leyna last month when we…” but then I was all “HOLY CATS! What the what? There wasn’t a cat there!”

She told me it was an app called Cat Effects, and that she was officially addicted and couldn’t stop herself from putting a cat on everything. Shortly after that, she bestowed this precious gem upon me…

And I nearly peed myself, followed by, obviously, downloading the app for myself.

Remember that time I had twins?

Or what about that time I ran into a couple monsters and a couple strays on Sesame Street?

And then there was that time I took Mr. Pookie’s pictures in the bluebonnets at sunset…

This one time we had to cram into a bathtub during a tornado warning. Of course, the cat came along, too.

I’ll never forget that time I was flying to San Diego and saw these fearless kitties hanging out on the wing of the plane.

Or that time we went back to visit MIZZOU and Leyna got to pet a tiger.

And how could I ever forget the look on this kitty’s face when I found out I was pregnant with my 2nd baby.

To clarify, that was the pregnancy test from my last pregnancy. This is not some hilariously twisted way of telling you all I’m pregnant again. Although that would be THE BEST EVER. You know, for the funny, not for the being pregnant again.

I was laughing over half the day yesterday. I laid in bed last night, next to my peacefully sleeping husband, and put cats in all the pictures while laughing so hard I was crying. After about 10 minutes, Scott rolled over and grumbled, “Stop putting cats on everything and go to bed.”

If you download it, I’m just going to warn you that you will NOT be able to stop, and then you’re going to feel the urge to share your cat photo bomb pictures with all your friends and family, and possibly feel the need to tell the world about it on your blog.

Cat Effects did not pay me to write about this. They have no idea who I am, but may be wondering why they had a spike in downloads yesterday after I couldn’t stop sharing my #CatEffects pics on every social media platform available to me. The app is free, but only for iPhones. Put a cat on it! I am forever in debt to my sister for this discovery.

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  1. First, I can’t stop laughing at your husband telling you to stop putting cats on everything. Clearly you were not as quiet a giggler as you thought. I am going to force myself not to download this app (slowly sliding iPhone waaaaaaaaaay to the other side of the desk…glancing…glancing…NO! I won’t do it). However, I do now find myself singing if you like it then you shoulda put a cat on it.

  2. Have you tried Action Movie FX app? You can blow stuff (or people) up in a great explosion. Quite entertaining!

  3. This is the best app EVER. Thank you for the hours of amusement I will get and the hours of annoyance people will endure as I play with it.

  4. Laura Braly Cochran on

    Thank you, thank you. You just filled up my afternoon. (My employer may or may not be equally thrilled).

  5. Michelle Jones Nolan on

    Top 10 post of all time. I downloaded after seeing your hilarity yesterday. My sister was pissed at me for sticking her with my parents alone all weekend, so I’ve been inundating her with feline-enhanced portraiture. I’m sure she forgives me now.

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