Via my friends at HaHas for HooHas

The amazingly talented Anna took this picture, this picture, and this picture and turned them into this masterpiece, which I’m going to print off to give to Scott this weekend… along with some other stuff I’m not entirely decided on just yet.

How awesomely unique is that?!

If you want to get in on the custom portrait card awesomeness, which you can send as an e-card OR you can print off (Anna sends you a hi-res version), head on over to They are only $9.99 for Fathers Day!

2 thoughts on “Best Fathers Day Card, Hands Down”

  1. What a cool idea! 🙂 I did want to mention though that whenever I click on the HaHasForHooHas link, it takes me to your ClickinMoms site instead.

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