An Escape Was In Order

No time to blog today because we’re too busy coming down…

It’s hard to top a weekend at NaNa’s, especially when NaNa went and pimped out the tree house. Poor Kendall. Not even a tree to make a tree house out of here at home (and we’re not counting that sorry excuse for a bunch of branches out front).

I may or may not have more than just pictures for you tomorrow. If you want to read some real words from me, head over to The Writer Revived and read my post about the importance of telling your *real* story of parenthood on your blog, through both words and pictures.

Hope your weekend was full of quiet wonders, like tree-houses and twinkle lights at dusk.

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  1. You have to see this tree house that my mom renovated for the kids. It was pretty cool before, but also pretty terrifying to let Kendall climb up in since he could easily trip and fall over the side. Now it’s about as safe as a tree house can get, plus there’s a play house underneath.

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