A Study About Parent Bloggers, FYI

Annie from PhD In Parenting asked me to be a part of a study she just wrapped up, where she took a look at the numbers and traffic driving 20 different parent-focused blogs. The blogs range in size of readership, but Annie sought out to find what the common trends are for building and maintaining blog audiences in Parenting Blog Analytics: How Do My Stats Compare

Annnnnd I just lost some of you, the ones who don’t give a flip about the business of blogging and would much rather be reading about how my 4 year old and toddler made each other bleed for the first time today, I know. Check back in with me tomorrow.

Anyway, since I was a participant in the study, Annie gave me permission to share with you all the wonderfully detailed slideshow she created. If you ARE the type who is interested in this stuff, I think you’re going to find the slideshow very informative, with a lot of takeaways you can apply to your own blog.

Parenting blogs analytics study (click the link to make it bigger)

A big, giant thanks to Annie!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this with the rest of us businessy/bloggy/geeky type readers. 🙂 I always love to see where the referrals on different sites come from. The average traffic was pretty great too. Fun! 😀

  2. Saw this earlier today and it was interesting! I plan on being a mommy blogger eventually…so it’s nice to know how the stats are shaping up now. What I find intriguing the most currently though is the numbers are about the same as for book bloggers as well.

  3. I found it interesting even though I don’t blog.

    One big takeaway? If someone sends you a product to review, I’d ask competitors to send me a product, too, so I could do a comparison. I’d maybe even include her research to convince them it will be better than a standalone review. As a last resort/chance, I’ll tell them I will include the information they declined to put their product up to competition. I bet you’d write some kickass funny competition posts.

  4. Thanks for sharing! There’s a lot of good info there. It’s nice to see that while DIY and advice posts are popular, unique topics and opinions still matter.

  5. That was fascinating! I think one of the big keys to not only getting traffic but keeping traffic was mentioned on the last page: enjoying yourself. I found that out recently. For about 18 months I kept a crafting blog focused on doing things with my toddler. I loved the motivation to come up with ideas but I realized that I wasn’t enjoying the work of blogging about everything. I felt too much pressure to “keep up” with a posting schedule and documenting everything was taking the fun out of the activities for me. Guess I’m not cut out to blog about that topic. But there are plenty who are! 🙂

  6. As a newbie blogger, I’m intimidated when I read the stats on the “big blogs” and I still haven’t had a day when my traffic has hit 100 (today was close, though…ha!). I’ve only recently “gone public” with my blog, and sometimes I read these things and think, “oh, why do I even bother?” but then I realize that it is AWESOME that I am basically learning an entire new craft and that there is information like this out there for me to tap into.

    So, thank you!

    • Oh wow, OK I just read through it all and not only does that make me feel better – like I’m doing it right! – but it also gave me some great ideas.

      Thanks again!

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