A Small Digital Hoarding Breakthrough

For as many pictures of our family that I have, both taken by myself and professionals, only about 2% of them are printed and displayed in any way other than on my computer (and that includes photo coffee mugs).

It’s a goal of mine to remedy that this year, and while I’ve printed a few photo books full of dozens of pictures so far, nothing makes me happier than seeing just this one.


That is one of the first pictures I took last summer after I really started to wrap my head around shooting in manual. At the time, I was impressed with my camera skills, but my photo editing skills were non-existent. I knew it could be a great picture someday, so I held onto it. In fact, I edited it in Lightroom a few times over 6 months, each time getting a little better, before I finally settled on this clean edit.

A couple of weeks ago I printed it through Canvas On Demand, on a 16×24, 1.5″ thick canvas, and proudly hung it in our bathroom. It is so rewarding to see my work displayed like this! And this picture reminds me how far I’ve come in just a year when it comes to photography.

I’m a little addicted to printing images on canvas now, and couldn’t pass up an offer from Canvas Pop to print one of my Instagram pics to a 12×12, 1.5″ thick canvas. I knew exactly the picture I wanted to use the minute I read their email. This is a picture I took at the pool last summer with Scott’s iPhone! (If you want to follow me on Instagram, I’m @BabyRabies.)

Canvas Pop makes it super simple to print your Instagram pics to canvas! And the quality looks great. Sure, the image isn’t as sharp as my other canvas, but this was taken with an iPhone, not a DSLR. Overall, I’m very impressed with the color, especially compared to some other “cheap” canvases I’ve been given, which end up looking dull. And it’s only $40 to print a 12×12 Instagram pic on canvas through them!

I have quite a few more canvases in mind, and also some frame collages. I’m currently obsessed with Poppytree Frames.


This whole printing and displaying pictures thing is lovely. You should try it sometime if you’re like me and digitally hoard all your precious memories. They are way more precious on your wall and mantle.

Disclosure: The Canvas Pop canvas was given to me, though I was not required to review it. The Canvas Pop links are affiliate links. I really do love the products I just blogged about, all opinions are my own.

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  1. Wendy Blackwell on

    I always intend to print pictures off but someone always needs food, juice or air…blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, yada.

  2. Jaime Haywood on

    Love the bathtub one – I took a very similar shot with mine. I was wondering if you used Lightroom and if so, what settings? 🙂

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