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I Bypassed The Yoga Pants For This

Nothing calls for a babysitter, some drinks with  grownups, and an outfit that consists of pants with buttons and no elastic like a 35thView full post »


A Small Digital Hoarding Breakthrough

For as many pictures of our family that I have, both taken by myself and professionals, only about 2% of them are printed and displayed inView full post »


June Sponsor Love

It’s that time again, when I give my blog sponsors a big virtual hug to thank them for supporting me this month. As always, I’mView full post »


I Have A Sick Day(s) Hangover

Days like this are hard to kick in the ass. I’m coming off a weekend out of town, followed by 2 days of feeling like crap thanks toView full post »


The Cloth Crib Rail Cover

Since posting my Day In Our Ordinary Life post, I’ve received quite a few emails and comments, asking where I got or how I made theView full post »


Making Bedtime Stress-Free

This is a guest-post, written by Dana Obleman, Parenting Consultant and creator of The Sleep Sense Program. Dana reached out to meView full post »


Another Ordinary Day In Our Life In Pictures

Yesterday I documented an ordinary day in our life by taking a picture every hour, from 8 a.m to 10 p.m. Here’s how it unfolded. AtView full post »


The Transformation Of A Meatball

I make enormous children. That’s common knowledge. There were times when Kendall was a baby that the nickname “meatball”View full post »


How To Photograph An Ordinary Day In Your Life

We all have the “pretty” pictures of our kids, our families, those days we’re supposed to document. They’re framed,View full post »


A Study About Parent Bloggers, FYI

Annie from PhD In Parenting asked me to be a part of a study she just wrapped up, where she took a look at the numbers and traffic drivingView full post »


Mommy Truth: Those Moments That Scream MOM

I love hijacking Facebook status updates and turning them into Mommy Truths. Thanks to my friend Megan from Larks Notes This for lettingView full post »