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I Bypassed The Yoga Pants For This

Nothing calls for a babysitter, some drinks with  grownups, and an outfit that consists of pants with buttons and no elastic like a 35thView full post »


A Small Digital Hoarding Breakthrough

For as many pictures of our family that I have, both taken by myself and professionals, only about 2% of them are printed and displayed inView full post »


June Sponsor Love

It’s that time again, when I give my blog sponsors a big virtual hug to thank them for supporting me this month. As always, I’mView full post »


I Have A Sick Day(s) Hangover

Days like this are hard to kick in the ass. I’m coming off a weekend out of town, followed by 2 days of feeling like crap thanks toView full post »


The Cloth Crib Rail Cover

Since posting my Day In Our Ordinary Life post, I’ve received quite a few emails and comments, asking where I got or how I made theView full post »


Making Bedtime Stress-Free

This is a guest-post, written by Dana Obleman, Parenting Consultant and creator of The Sleep Sense Program. Dana reached out to meView full post »


Another Ordinary Day In Our Life In Pictures

Yesterday I documented an ordinary day in our life by taking a picture every hour, from 8 a.m to 10 p.m. Here’s how it unfolded. AtView full post »


The Transformation Of A Meatball

I make enormous children. That’s common knowledge. There were times when Kendall was a baby that the nickname “meatball”View full post »


How To Photograph An Ordinary Day In Your Life

We all have the “pretty” pictures of our kids, our families, those days we’re supposed to document. They’re framed,View full post »


A Study About Parent Bloggers, FYI

Annie from PhD In Parenting asked me to be a part of a study she just wrapped up, where she took a look at the numbers and traffic drivingView full post »


Mommy Truth: Those Moments That Scream MOM

I love hijacking Facebook status updates and turning them into Mommy Truths. Thanks to my friend Megan from Larks Notes This for lettingView full post »


Children Can’t Be Trusted

A week.. two weeks.. quite a while ago, I asked Kendall what he thought we should get daddy for Fathers Day. “Do you think he’dView full post »



My mom introduced me to this leafy green treat. No really, it’s delicious. Seriously! It’s not at all like you’re eatingView full post »


#CatEffects -The Funniest Thing To Happen To iPhoneography

Yesterday morning, my brilliant, hilarious sister posted this to my Facebook wall. At first I was all, “Aww! That’s theView full post »


Best Fathers Day Card, Hands Down

Via my friends at HaHas for HooHas The amazingly talented Anna took this picture, this picture, and this picture and turned them into thisView full post »


A Change Is Simmering In Me

This house has been and continues to be a great home for our growing family. We’ve poured countless hours of hard work into it.View full post »


Mommy Truth: It’s Easy To Parent After Bedtime

… on nights the kids sleep. After that? All bets are off. Thanks to Stephanie from Froggy And The Mouse for this one! If you have aView full post »


An Escape Was In Order

No time to blog today because we’re too busy coming down… It’s hard to top a weekend at NaNa’s, especially whenView full post »


Feeding From A Trough

Or a tray… whatever. Sometimes this is all I have the energy for. And that’s okay, right? I mean, the kids seem to love it.View full post »


Do I Make You Nervous?

I find when I’m out with Kendall and he’s playing with other kids his age, I always seem to be the mom who’s jumpy.View full post »


Mommy Truth: We’re Evil For Breaking Bananas

Leyna is 17 months old and this also applies to oranges, tortillas, cheese sticks, and all other inanimate, food objects in ourView full post »


From Blah to BOOM- A Front Door Makeover

This was our front door up until recently. Builder grade white, dingy, brass kick plate, dinged up door frame, boring door knob. I did myView full post »


This Is How I Do: Editing In Lightroom 3

I’m going to show you all today how I edited this picture in Lightroom 3… The image on the left is SOOC (that means straightView full post »


The Way I View: Motherhood

That was the prompt for the month of May’s Clickin Moms photo challenge. I interpreted this one literally. This is my view, as aView full post »


Operation Freeze The Fat Is A Go

Remember how I told you all about CoolSculpting? How it’s this FDA-cleared, non-invasive procedure that kills the fat cells on yourView full post »