The Ingredients To Grow- Teacher Appreciation DIY

It’s Teacher Appreciation week, and while we do appreciate Kendall’s teacher SO very much, I find the timing of all this a little… awkward.

Kendall’s last day of school is at the end of next week, and I’ll certainly be giving his teacher an end of year gift. So, I didn’t know what to do for teacher appreciation week, or if I should even acknowledge it or just wait until next week and tie it altogether in one gift.

I asked on Twitter and people suggested I have Kendall make a craft for his teacher or give her a picture of him. I don’t know about the picture thing. I mean, I’d hate for her to feel obligated to display it in some way, and I know I always feel bad when I wind up throwing away pictures of other people’s kids.

The craft idea seemed to be the best, but again, I didn’t want to give her something she’d feel guilty about throwing away or not putting on display. So it had to be practical.

And simple. And not very messy.

Here’s what we came up with:

All we needed to make this was a set of tea towels, some fabric paint, a half an apple and the base of a bunch of celery. I also got a set of measuring spoons to add on because I don’t know about you, but we are FOREVER losing those around here, and can always use an extra set.

I cut the apple and the celery, then I let Kendall pick out the colors, paint each piece, and press them on the tea towels, like stamps.

After they dried, I tied them up and attached the measuring spoons and a card that said “You gave me the ingredients to grow. With Appreciation, Kendall & Family”

Super easy. Practical. And not too expensive (the total cost without factoring in the fabric paint was about $12).

Are you giving your child’s teacher anything this week? If you’ve blogged it or pinned it, leave a link below!

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  1. it’s teacher appreciation week? oh dear. well, i’m opting out this year… (my son’s only 2… so hopefully i don’t get an mark on my lifetime report card because of it).

    very weird timing for teacher appreciation week though…

  2. yeah I’m with both of you. also, we never had teacher appreciation week. we never even gave them anything at the end of the year. but we were so poor it wasn’t even funny. hmm, perhaps something to blog about..!

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  4. Super cute idea!

    We gave the teacher a Target gift card, and then a big bag of gourmet chocolates for the goodie bags the director was putting together for all the staff.

  5. I’m a teacher. I would appreciate this. We are currently missing the tablespoon and have a snowman towel hanging from the oven handle. And that’s not a particularly unusual circumstance.

  6. As a high school teacher who will be going on strike on May 21, I can promise you that any ounce of appreciation you give your teachers this week will mean so much. And if one of my students went trouble you did, I’d probably cry (being 8 months pregnant may or may not have something to do with that 🙂 I bet his teacher loved it and THANK YOU for teaching your kids to appreciate what teachers do!

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