Well, at least on the weekends we are neck deep in home improvements and other projects.

While Scott built our new table and I re-painted our front door today, Kendall and Leyna were left to roam the house and fend for themselves. The good news is they survived. The bad news is I have a massive mess to clean.

13 thoughts on “On The Weekends, They Raise Themselves”

    1. I’d give him credit, but I put the shorts and shirt on his bed for him to put on. Yes, I agreed to the wearing of the swim trunks for non swimming reasons. He told me today he no longer likes pants with buttons so… options are now slim.

  1. Do you mind sharing where you got that white table for the kids? I’ve been looking for a rectangle one but all I’m seeing are squares!

    1. Everyone loves that table! My mom picked it up at a yardsale for cheap and we painted it white last year. I *think* it may be by Kidkraft?

  2. No wonder you are so tired if you do all the picking up. Amazing how fast they can get it done if tv or some other treat is waiting on it. Though some days, it is so much easier for hubz and I to do it ourselves.

    1. Oh, I don’t do *all* the picking up, but at a certain point I’d rather they go to bed so I can clean in silence with a glass of wine 😉

  3. I meant to ask first if you meant what I thought you meant. Wow, that was a lot of meants. I’m going to bed.

  4. I LOVE that he dresses himself!! Backward or wrong side out, the did it himself! Victory!! As for the pants w/o buttons, mesh shorts are the go to for us. Some ppl call them basketball shorts. Carter’s and Osh Kosh make the best quality ones.

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