My Favorite Part of Being a New Mom: Laughing When I Should Be Crying

Somedays I don’t feel much like a “new mom”. I mean, I’ve been in this race for 4 years now, and I’m on round 2 of toddlerhood. But other days? I feel as green as a fresh spring blade of grass, navigating my way through the mound of crap dirt piled on top of me, wondering if I’ll ever get a chance to breathe.

And there are times I think I’ll feel “new” at this forever. Do parents ever actually figure this out, or do they just keep faking it until it at least looks like they’re making it?

So yeah, I guess I’m a new mom. Just reading that term probably conjures up feelings for a lot of you if you are, too. Being a new mom can be terrifying and confusing. AND EXHAUSTING. It can also be exciting and hilarious and unexpected. I think that’s what I love most about the new mom thing: all those unexpected parts, the ones nobody’s written about in any of the parenting books you’ve read. The ones that you can’t prepare yourself for, and that leave you laughing so hard you cry.

Like when your 3 year old shouts, “Look at that butt slime!” from the inside of a public bathroom stall as he points to an unidentified substance on the wall. Or when your 15 month old throws the most EPIC tantrum in the middle of grocery store because you won’t let her French kiss the lobster tank, and it’s so over the top that it’s comical.

Wait… did I just say tantrums and potty humor are my favorite part of motherhood?? 

You have to laugh or you’ll cry and drink yourself silly, folks. Run with it.

I do hate when annoyances like teething get in the way, though. It’s hard to laugh at your baby when she’s actually tantruming because she’s in pain.

We just returned home from a visit with family, which happened to line up with Leyna cutting 4 molars at once. Aren’t you so jealous YOU didn’t get to be in our car for 13 hours? It was as pleasant as it sounds.

Luckily, I agreed to this review of Baby Orajel Naturals Tablets before we left and had a bottle with me.

 New! Baby Orajel Naturals Tablets is the first and only homeopathic offering from the #1 teething brand, Baby Orajel. Using Chamomilla as one of its key ingredients, Baby Orajel Naturals Tablets are belladonna-free, benzocaine-free, dye-free, alcohol-free and paraben-free.

We were able to get her to calm down a bit after we gave her a few tablets (and shooshed and soothed and snuggled her… and then took her for a car ride), and we finally got her to sleep after a day of toddler terror.

Poor babe. I hate giving her medicine, but I know that, for me, sometimes it’s the only thing that helps, and I’m happy I have a natural option to help soothe her pain.

Now, I wouldn’t say teething is my favorite part of being a new mom by a long shot, but the sweet snuggles after she feels better aren’t bad.

What about you? What was/is your favorite part of being a new mom?

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