20 thoughts on “Mommy Truth: A Toddler’s Sixth Sense”

  1. My 3.5 year old says, at least once a week, “I don’t want to go to school today.” And when we ask why, he ALWAYS says in a very serious voice, “Because there are ghosts at school.” Freaks me out.

  2. When my 2 year old stares off in the distance and then smiles at seemingly nothing, I soon find out that it usually involves poop.

  3. Last night I was holding Kathryn and she was laughing uncontrollably at the air..and then she would look around and laugh again. I know she was playing with a ghost! creepy!!!!

  4. Yes, very much. Mine points and tries to tell me what/who he sees. He’s 15 months, so “da” means a lot of things. I just tell myself that it’s one of my grandparents or some beloved family member that has passed so that I don’t get the creeps.

  5. My sister used to do this when she was a toddler. Once, my mom walked by her playing pattycake with an empty rocking chair. Later that night, my sister grabbed my mom’s short dark hair and said, “Where your long curls go? Silky gold hair so pretty.” My mom’s grandmother died when she was 13 and every night, she brushed out my mom’s long gold curls. Seriously freaked out all of us!

  6. Literally can’t stop laughing while I type this. Noah does the exact same thing!! I thought it was just him!
    And to add insult to injury. the other day I’m loading the dishwasher and he, who normally can’t do anything quietly, manages to sneak up behind me and reach in and grab an extremely sharp knife out of the dishwasher. Luckily, I happened to catch the movement out of the corner of my eye, so he didn’t hurt either of us, but the craziest part was the way he grabbed the knife. I turn around and he’s smiling up at me holding it all psycho style!!! All I could think about was A) the picture of your psycho elf and B)Screw the college fund, that moneys going to either be for therapy or attorney fees.

    Seriously…..talk about creepy!

  7. My son creeps me out more with what he says – he was 3-4 when he started saying things like
    “when I used to be big and I drove a car” Or “When I used to be big and I had to go to work”
    My mom says it’s reincarnation and you have to ask them questions to find out more info before they get older and forget it. THAT creeped me out even MORE!

  8. Hahahahahahai. Last night Landon said “mama what’s that? While pointing into blank space. Freaked me out. Trying to ignore it.

  9. My daughter was 2 when a movie came on and a Jewish song and dance was on there and she sang it all, in Yiddish. And danced too. We’re not Jewish! She also talked to the air in her room and say she had friends. My son used to say he worked at the Hilton Las Vegas as a dealer and that his name was Joe and he would talk about his friends in Vegas, freaked us out! Also don’t put a mirror in your baby and toddlers room!

  10. my kid told me at age 2 that he used to BE someone who died. he told us that he used to be my father in law who died a few months before i got pregnant.

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