Luckily, this post is not about us or any lost loveys around here.  Lambie is still safely tucked away in Leyna’s crib.

But last night a thread on Clickin Moms caught my attention. The title: URGENT!! Lost Lovey!!

The story was one as old as babies and blankies. A photographer’s 4 year old lost her “baby,” a plush teddy bear. Dozens of women jumped to action, checking their own children’s stuffed animal stashes for one that matches, organizing what another member called a “lost lovey search party.” Then a few posted a couple links that I’ve never seen before, but knew I HAD to share them here once I clicked through.

The first is Oh my heart, it’s full of sad stories of lost bears and blankies and soft things that have worn a warm spot in a little’s heart. I spent nearly an hour going through the “Loveys Wanted” listings to see if we have any that match the descriptions. Another similar site is, a “Lost Toy Search Service.”

I hope none of you experience the sadness of losing a very special lovey, but in case you do, I thought I’d pass on these links.

Oh, and don’t worry. The “baby” was found and returned to the store he was lost at. He was reunited with his little the next morning.

7 thoughts on “Lost Lovey Search Parties”

  1. we lost a lovey at Disney World!!! So terrible… it was a small silky/ mink dot blankie with green camo trim, very important to our daughter since my husband has deployed 4 times… I called their lost & found for two weeks to see if it had turned up but it never did. Luckily, my brother is amazing– he found one on ebay & paid $40 for it!!! Thanks Uncle Danny, officially best Uncle ever! glad to know about these sites though, thanks for sharing!

  2. Aww, this makes me sad. I still harbor a great deal of anger toward my old landlords who took it upon themselves to move a few of our remaining items down to the basement even though we were still legally renting the apartment and managed to lose/throw out my blanky in the process.

    This is why both my kids have back ups.

  3. When I was a few days postpartum with #2, my son lost his lovey while out with his dad. I had purchased it on Etsy when he was five months old, but I had gone out and bought extra fabric in the same prints just in case he lost it. Thank Jeebus, my newborn slept for twenty minutes straight while I frantically sewed a sloppy replacement. It’s more trapezoidal than square, but he accepted it because I made it. When #2 became addicted to her store-bought lovey, we bought seven extra. We’ve already lost three, and somehow she figured out that carrying multiple elephants is better than carrying only one. That said, I’m relieved we have a little cushion. My heart would break to see them so sad.

  4. We lost of treasured lovey many times – it was a very tiny lamb beanie baby that was part of some Easter collection that we had ironically found at a garage sale that my oldest had to have for the new baby. Well, new baby loved it! $50 later she now has 4 of them since the 3 replacements and the 1 original are of course all present now that she is 8 🙂

  5. How sad! Can you tell me where you got Leyna’s lambie from? I’m still looking for a lamb for my little son and yours is adorable!

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