I Love This Man, Especially When He’s Home

Scott just got back from the last business trip of 3. In a row. This last one was 8 straight days, of which the kids were in school for none.

I know, I’ve already complained about this before, but it was rough.

During those 8 days, I had to come up with stuff to do, reasons to get us all out of the house for a few hours every day, for fear we turn all Lord Of The Flies on each other. Hence the crazy reason why I attempted a movie with a toddler and a preschooler by myself.

I briefly contemplated taking the 2 of them to the zoo before he got back, but held back because I wanted Scott to be there for Leyna’s first visit.


We went today, and I’m now certain there is no way I would have survived a trip to the zoo with the 2 of them by myself. I would have probably thrown myself to the Gorillas. With Scott there, though, all was well.

Parenting partners FOR LIFE, YO!

Really, he’s the best.

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  1. Ha, I regularly refer to my kids as being all Lord of the Flies. Seriously, they can smell fear. And they will use it.

    I have lots of times where I think I need to get us out more — I need to get to where I’m more comfortable with the three kids by myself. It’s exhausting, but this summer is the 1st one in which I really feel like I need a plan to keep us all sane! And I’m impressed with your pics. I never have enough hands to take any!

    • Well, for one, I was only able to take pics because the kids were with him, and even then, I didn’t end up with that many in focus because I was balancing a million other things (but yay for the double jogging stroller, which was a godsend today).

      And, I can’t imagine the zone defense one needs to master when out in public with THREE kids! Good luck this summer.

  2. I took my 2u2 (6m & 20m) to the zoo alone for the first time last week. We stayed about an hour and a half and made it out alive! Must say, trips are MUCH easier when daddy is around, though. Great pics!

  3. Just a thought…with it being Memorial Day weekend and all, there are lots of military spouses who don’t have the opportunity to wait for Dad (or Mom) to get home in order to do things like that…I know 8 days can suck but think of those who have 8-10-12-14 months to deal with and then rethink 8 days.

    • Oh, I certainly don’t think I have it the worst of anyone out there and my heart sure does go out to them. That said, my struggles do not devalue anyone else’s, and vice versa. It’s okay to think something is hard even if other people have it harder than you. Those 8 days were hard. For me.

      • Well said, Jill! My husband was just gone four days and, being 35 weeks pg and chasing after a 3 year old, it was hard for me, too. I SO value the sacrifice military families make and am so appreciative to them this weekend (and always)…but, 8 days is hard, too! 🙂

  4. Carolyn Allen Russell on

    GREAT photos (and yes, AMEN to parenting partners! It is HARD flying solo! REALLY really REALLY hard! And I’m so confused by all your commenting systems, which one am I supposed to use?) 🙂

  5. Monica's Mom Musings on

    So refreshing to see that kind of love and admiration for ones spouse. It seems that so many people just like to throw their husband under the bus. I know I sure appreciate the little moments with my husband. Maybe it’s because so many of my friends are military and don’t have their husbands around for a year at a time. More people should experience stuff like that I guess to appreciate the little stuff.

  6. I’ve been wanting to take my three to the Dallas Zoo since we have passes, but my husband is rarely able to go. Maybe we could manage 5 with two of us sometime? I think maybe that’s the crazy talking!

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