He Grows His Own Food

My kid is ALWAYS HUNGRY. Always.

I joke we need to move to a farm and teach him to milk cows so we can afford to keep him, but there’s probably an ounce of truth in that.

Of course, I wouldn’t actually move to a farm. Because I don’t farm. Not on Facebook and not in real life. But, Kendall and Scott actually enjoy gardening together, and they’ve managed to produce some Β food so far this year, turning Kendall into quite the resourceful little forager.

He often goes out to the garden and pulls up a carrot, plucks a handful of mint, then has a nice snack.

Today, it was berries…

And mint, of course. (He’s a little obsessed with mint.)

I think it’s swell that the boys in the house are so keen on digging in the dirt and getting all nature-y, that they are able to grow us things we can then eat. Not sure Leyna will be joining them anytime soon though. She still reacts like this anytime a blade of grass touches her:

Mommy understands, sweetheart. Grass is itchy and there are bugs in dirt.

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  1. OMG, simply the cutest thing ever! I don’t garden, but I’m thinking about starting a countertop herb garden. That way it’s incredibly easy to have all the things I love at hand.

    Outside gardening means digging. I hate digging.

  2. Funny how we have husbands and kids with green thumbs and I’d really rather sit and watch them from the kitchen with a nice glass of wine.

  3. Elena is finally past screaming when she touches grass. I have high hopes for Easter egg hunt next year. The garden isnt helping though. It cant keep up with her never ending stomach. This girl is worse than a boy. It never stops eating – and screams when hungry. Thankfully she eats table food, once she started standing at 7 months, the milk was not enough and purees were a joke.

      • I feel you. Now that Elena is weaned (since my milk dried up when I got pregnant) I am constantly reminding her that they are broken. I hand her a cheese stick and she cuddles while she eats and doesnt seem upset at all. Prior to weaning I was so worried on how she would react when I said no. This kid GRABS at me (still does). I think its her sign language way of saying feed me. We middle of the night weaned and then cut down on day time nursing so we nurse 4 times a day when I wasnt at work plus table food, then I got pregnant and it dried up real quick. We do a lot more cuddling now but she is happy as long as she is constantly fed. When on exclusive milk she wanted 48 ounces a day without a growth spurt.

  4. Love this entire post! That picture of Leyna still cracks me up every time I see it, and your “Mommy understands” comment just makes it even funnier!

  5. Mom Einstein on

    So cute! We’re growing blueberries right now because they’re Vicki’s favorites. I would love her to be able to go and grab them as a snack.

  6. My husband and children love gardening , and this year are growing some beans and peas. I am not a fan of digging in the dirt, and the only fruit I want to work on is my apple mac. Lovely picture.

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