He Grows His Own Food

My kid is ALWAYS HUNGRY. Always.

I joke we need to move to a farm and teach him to milk cows so we can afford to keep him, but there’s probably an ounce of truth in that.

Of course, I wouldn’t actually move to a farm. Because I don’t farm. Not on Facebook and not in real life. But, Kendall and Scott actually enjoy gardening together, and they’ve managed to produce some  food so far this year, turning Kendall into quite the resourceful little forager.

He often goes out to the garden and pulls up a carrot, plucks a handful of mint, then has a nice snack.

Today, it was berries…

And mint, of course. (He’s a little obsessed with mint.)

I think it’s swell that the boys in the house are so keen on digging in the dirt and getting all nature-y, that they are able to grow us things we can then eat. Not sure Leyna will be joining them anytime soon though. She still reacts like this anytime a blade of grass touches her:

Mommy understands, sweetheart. Grass is itchy and there are bugs in dirt.

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  1. OMG, simply the cutest thing ever! I don’t garden, but I’m thinking about starting a countertop herb garden. That way it’s incredibly easy to have all the things I love at hand.

    Outside gardening means digging. I hate digging.

  2. Funny how we have husbands and kids with green thumbs and I’d really rather sit and watch them from the kitchen with a nice glass of wine.

  3. Elena is finally past screaming when she touches grass. I have high hopes for Easter egg hunt next year. The garden isnt helping though. It cant keep up with her never ending stomach. This girl is worse than a boy. It never stops eating – and screams when hungry. Thankfully she eats table food, once she started standing at 7 months, the milk was not enough and purees were a joke.

      • I feel you. Now that Elena is weaned (since my milk dried up when I got pregnant) I am constantly reminding her that they are broken. I hand her a cheese stick and she cuddles while she eats and doesnt seem upset at all. Prior to weaning I was so worried on how she would react when I said no. This kid GRABS at me (still does). I think its her sign language way of saying feed me. We middle of the night weaned and then cut down on day time nursing so we nurse 4 times a day when I wasnt at work plus table food, then I got pregnant and it dried up real quick. We do a lot more cuddling now but she is happy as long as she is constantly fed. When on exclusive milk she wanted 48 ounces a day without a growth spurt.

  4. Love this entire post! That picture of Leyna still cracks me up every time I see it, and your “Mommy understands” comment just makes it even funnier!

  5. Mom Einstein on

    So cute! We’re growing blueberries right now because they’re Vicki’s favorites. I would love her to be able to go and grab them as a snack.

  6. My husband and children love gardening , and this year are growing some beans and peas. I am not a fan of digging in the dirt, and the only fruit I want to work on is my apple mac. Lovely picture.

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