Country Beauty In Pictures

I’m sort of like a country song, in that I grew up (mostly) in a smallllll town, dreamed of living in a big city, ran as far away as I could after graduation and vowed to never come back. Now, “I Miss Mayberry” (except not really because that’s not it’s name), but only enough to want to go back and visit every now and then.

Conveniently, my mom has stuck around, and she and her boyfriend just bought a beautiful property not far from my small town roots. Mom’s madly in love with the place for obvious reasons, and I am forever grateful to them both for giving us a place to stay when we get the urge to go a little country or when the kids need to know what it’s like to run barefoot in the grass (or on the long driveway) as far as their feet will take them… and for providing such an amazing backdrop for gorgeous pictures!

Also convenient, having my brother in town, who happens to be a great photographer. I took about half of these, and he took the ones with me in them. I think we make a great team.

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