Don’t Rush It


I used to carry a bit of mom guilt around over not taking Kendall to the library. Oh sure, we tried it, like, once for a story time thing last summer. It was not a pleasant experience. Not pleasant enough to stick around and get a library card, for sure. Friends would talk about taking […]

The Playdate Pledge- Free Printable!


Are you tired of polishing your trash cans and cleaning your baseboards before other people’s kids come to play? Take the Playdate Pledge, and pledge to be okay with letting other parents see that you don’t always keep things perfect. Embrace your clean enough, yet generally biohazard free house! I hired Alex from Type A […]

My Husband-Made Kitchen Table


It’s done! At the risk of sounding like a sickeningly gushy blogger, am I lucky or what? This table is amazing, so solid, so beautiful, so far beyond anything we could afford to go to a store and buy. My husband built it, using wood leftover from the hardwood floors he installed last year (that […]

With Love

For my May sponsors! I’m so lucky to be supported by all these great companies and blogs. Please check them out if you get a chance. Olive Bungalow Jewelry – handcrafted, made responsibly and ethically in the USA, and she has something at all price points. I love these Simple Stampings Sterling Rings, which start […]