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Don’t Rush It

I used to carry a bit of mom guilt around over not taking Kendall to the library. Oh sure, we tried it, like, once for a story timeView full post »


The Playdate Pledge- Free Printable!

Are you tired of polishing your trash cans and cleaning your baseboards before other people’s kids come to play? Take theView full post »


My Husband-Made Kitchen Table

It’s done! At the risk of sounding like a sickeningly gushy blogger, am I lucky or what? This table is amazing, so solid, soView full post »


With Love

For my May sponsors! I’m so lucky to be supported by all these great companies and blogs. Please check them out if you get aView full post »


I Love This Man, Especially When He’s Home

Scott just got back from the last business trip of 3. In a row. This last one was 8 straight days, of which the kids were in school forView full post »


He Grows His Own Food

My kid is ALWAYS HUNGRY. Always. I joke we need to move to a farm and teach him to milk cows so we can afford to keep him, butView full post »


How To Earn A Cupcake

1. Plan your entire day around taking your children to see the only showing of the only G rated movie at the closest theater- Chimpanzee,View full post »


Mommy Truth: A Toddler’s Sixth Sense

Leyna is nearly 17 months old, and I really wish she’d quit creeping me out like this when my husband isn’t home.View full post »


Sleep: Not Just For The Selfish

No one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they had plenty of sleep. – unknown BULLSHIT. If I were on my deathbedView full post »


5 Composition Rules for Every Photography Level

Today, I have a guest post from Courtney at Click It Up A Notch. I met Courtney on Clickin Moms (of course) and we bonded over blogging andView full post »


I Took The Kids To The Pool. By Myself.

It went a little something like this. Soo… yay summer!View full post »


Leftover Coffee + Coffee Ice Cubes = Easiest Iced Coffee Ever

I saw a pin come across Pinterest a couple weeks ago, and it was a simple, genius “why didn’t I think of that!”View full post »


Country Beauty In Pictures

I’m sort of like a country song, in that I grew up (mostly) in a smallllll town, dreamed of living in a big city, ran as far away asView full post »


The Traveling Parade of Free Birth Control

We pulled into the Starbucks parking lot just as the kids were waking from their nap. We’d been driving for 2 hours, halfway betweenView full post »


What a Week as a Single Parent Looks Like For Me

Every now and then, my husband will leave for week-long business trips. And it doesn’t matter what I do to prepare myself for them,View full post »


Internet, I Blame You

Once upon a time, I had pretty handwriting. I might even call it artistic. My doodles in high school? Kinda epic. I hand addressed all theView full post »


The Ingredients To Grow- Teacher Appreciation DIY

It’s Teacher Appreciation week, and while we do appreciate Kendall’s teacher SO very much, I find the timing of all this aView full post »


Mommy Truth: No, It’s Not An Eye.

And with that, I’m off to do another 30 Day Shred workout. Jillian’s going to tell that “eye” what’sView full post »


On The Weekends, They Raise Themselves

Well, at least on the weekends we are neck deep in home improvements and other projects. While Scott built our new table and I re-paintedView full post »


Weekend Kitchen Table Project

I gave our kitchen table to my little brother and his wife last weekend. Never mind that we didn’t have one to replace it. I knew itView full post »


Speaking at Blogher!

I’ll be attending Blogher for the 3rd time this year, and this time I’m SPEAKING! Actually, I’m on a panel with someView full post »


The Way I View: Friendship

I know they have a long road of sibling rivalry and arguments ahead of them, but they’ll wind up good friends eventually, right? IView full post »


Lost Lovey Search Parties

Luckily, this post is not about us or any lost loveys around here.  Lambie is still safely tucked away in Leyna’s crib. But lastView full post »


Samurai Kid’s Birthday Party

I had grand ideas of throwing Kendall a baseball 4th birthday since his obsession with the sport began last summer, but somewhere aroundView full post »


My Favorite Part of Being a New Mom: Laughing When I Should Be Crying

Somedays I don’t feel much like a “new mom”. I mean, I’ve been in this race for 4 years now, and I’m onView full post »