I’ve got two exciting Twitter parties coming up in a couple weeks. You can learn about the first here. The second, well, I’m just super thrilled and really looking forward to it, too. Here are the details:

Beyond Snapshots

A Twitter Party!

To celebrate the release of the book Beyond Snapshots and to discuss how we all can elevate our photography to capture moments and tell our stories… and tell them well.

Brought to you by @BeyondSnapshots@SesameEllis (Rachel Devine), @PetaMazey and @ClickinMoms

Thursday, May 10th, 8 pm Eastern


Epihanie Bags @EpiphanieBags: One camera bag of winner’s choice (up to $185 value)
My Funky Camera @MyFunkyCamera: 4 Camera Straps (valued at $32 each)
Design Aglow @DesignAglow: $100, $75, and a $50 gift credit
SmugMug @SmugMug: 2 Pro 1 year Accounts ($150 each)
Crafter News @CrafterNews: One Copy of Beyond Snapshots
Clickin Moms @ClickinMoms: 1 set of presets (winner’s choice, $65 value), 1 one year membership ($50 value), 1 breakout e-learning session (winner’s choice, up to $50 value)

Join me (@BabyRabies), @BeyondSnapshots and some of the @ClickinMoms blog ambassadors as we discuss all things photography (from all levels) with some of the best pros in the business. This party isn’t just for professional or aspiring professional photographers. No need for a DSLR to participate. We just want to talk about how to tell our stories beautifully, and how to make the most of the tools we have to do that.

Let’s not forget, there will be PRIZES! From ClickinMoms, Beyond Snapshots and more! We’ll be tweeting about them and adding them here as we confirm.

In order to be considered in the running for the prizes, you must RSVP. Please do so by entering your info in the Mr. Linky box below. If you don’t have an url, just enter your Twitter url into the box. If you’d like to leave a comment or ask a question, feel free, but please know we will only be selecting winners from the RSVP box.

I hope you can join us!

ClickinMoms Blogging Ambassadors:


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108 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Photography “Beyond Snapshots” Twitter Party!”

  1. First. how do you find your twitter url? I am not good at this stuff.

    So excited about you and CM. Love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I recently saved up enough money to buy my dslr and wish to learn better on how to use it. I am looking forward to the party:).

    1. Not dumb! Just follow everyone I linked to above and then tune in on Twitter during the party and follow the hashtag #BeyondSnapshots. Setting up a Tweet Grid may help you 🙂

  3. I am very excited to be a part of this twitter party. I’ve been a member of clickin moms but I have to admit I’ve neglected to give more effort because I am so overwhelmed by using my camera on manual. Hopefully I can actually learn something!:)

  4. Just purchased ‘Beyond. ..’ on Google Play. Hoping to get some instruction and additional ideas from Twitter party before my son’s 1st birthday party this weekend (including photo ‘booth’). Looking forward to it!

  5. I love CM! I am taking the Shooting 101 workshop right now and love it. I have so many workshops I want to take on my list. Looking forward to the party!

  6. Oh my goodness, I am soooooooooo excited!! I love my dSLR but I’m such a novice! Can’t wait to attend!!

  7. What an outstanding twitter party! This is right when us West Coasters are in the thick of a busy end-of-day-wrap-up routine but I will do my best to participate!

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