11 thoughts on “Lazy Morning”

  1. Love the pics and we love the llama llama books! It’s almost bedtime here and I’m sure I’ll read one in our 4 that we have to read before bed! 🙂

  2. Love the LLama Llama Books! My K callas them Hama Llama… I think that is why I love them so much. (She also calls her hula hoop a hula poop! I love that kid!!)

    L is gorgeous!!!

  3. Books are cute, your daughter is absolutly adorable with all her rolls and chunks 🙂 (I have one that looks just like her I love it!!) but my question is how do you keep her room so clean!?!

    1. It’s not always that clean, I just make sure to clear the clutter before we take pics. Truthfully, though, most of the time their rooms are relatively picked up because we don’t keep many toys in there (especially not Leyna’s room). I’m just weird about their rooms. They are always the first rooms I want to clean.

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