The Power Of Love, Women & The Internet


There is so much to say about this awful, bittersweet story that has unfolded over the weekend. A blogger and friend, Diana from Hormonal Imbalances, nearly lost the identical twin boys she’s carrying at 18.5 weeks this weekend when her water broke and the hospital urged her to induce. She’s now on bed rest, fighting […]

April Sponsor Love Fest

Kissy kiss, smoochy smooch to all my sponsors this month! Just know you helped me throw a pretty awesome birthday party for one spoiled 4 year old. Passionfruit Ads They’re the only way I sell ads now. My life as a monetized blogger is one billion times easier, and I think the people who buy ad […]

Let’s Talk Photography “Beyond Snapshots” Twitter Party!


I’ve got two exciting Twitter parties coming up in a couple weeks. You can learn about the first here. The second, well, I’m just super thrilled and really looking forward to it, too. Here are the details: Beyond Snapshots #BeyondSnapshots A Twitter Party! To celebrate the release of the book Beyond Snapshots and to discuss […]

Breastfeeding a Toddler- I’m A Little Over It


Freaking breastfeeding. Why’s it always got to be so stupid emotional? Before I had babies, I could. not. understand. what women meant when they talked about bonding with their babies by putting a boob in their mouth. When they would cry if they couldn’t or when they stopped. Like, really? But then, yeah, it happened […]