Tiptoe Through The Bluebonnets With A Terrified Toddler

Hey, mom… dad? Did you mean to leave me in these…weeds?

Kendall? Where are  you going? Please take me with you!

Daddy? Really? 

Oh! Wow! Lookout… they’re everywhere.

Come on, seriously? You guys, there are totally lots of bugs out here and, like, these flowers are really itchy!

Ew! God! Make them stop TOUCHING me!


Oh, look. Now mommy has her mean hands out and is yelling at us through her clenched jaw. Okay, lady… sure… yeah, we’re REALLY going to do what you want now.

Dad, I don’t care what you say, they may be “pretty” but I don’t want to touch them.


That’s right, big brother, you tell them HELL NO, WE WON’T SMILE! Thanks for coming to my rescue, man.


HELP! Nature is GROSS!

Leyna is 15 months old, and I guess she doesn’t love “wowers” as much as her brother did.

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  1. I. AM. DYING. HERE.

    Seriously, people are peeking their heads out of their offices to see why I’m laughing so loudly.

    Cute, way cute.


  2. Oh.Em.Gee. Cutest pictures ever!! Leyna actually makes misery look absolutely adorable!! I SERIOUSLY LOL’D throughout this whole post. Even though these are probably supposed to be your “outtake” shots, they are amazing! Your photography has definitely progressed into the “professional” territory! Kudos to you!!

  3. That last picture is making me cry I am laughing so hard. It’s good to know my kids are not the only ones who don’t always cooperate for the lens!

  4. I love them all! Leyna’s expressions are priceless, you can’t help but smile even though you know she’s not happy haha. Great photos as usual Jill. 🙂

  5. HAHAHAHA, oh, I think I love the outtakes even better than any wonderful photo that I’m sure you managed to get but didn’t include in this little photo essay 😉 I think that would be my face if you plopped me in a field of flowers and bugs (but Leyna is WAY cuter making it!)

  6. Thoroughly enjoyed these pics, not the misery of course, but how adorable Leyna looks when she’s angry. And, that’s easy for me to say because the meltdown wasn’t happening to me. You did great Jill, you’re doing great!

  7. SNORT! The first picture is classic, but I’ve got to say the one with the Dad Hand Point is the winner. You HAVE to print them all and make a big wall collage showcasing your happy nature loving family!

  8. I just love her dress! And ALL of these so real shots!

    I hope to see some pretty Bluebonnets while we are visiting TX next week for Easter. One of the things I miss the most about my home state… 🙂

  9. I just laughed so hard I cried!! The captions are hilarious!! I miss the girly days, I now have an 18 month old that just had to have a worm (ALIVE) removed from his mouth!! LOL

  10. These made me laugh so hard that I left the tab open and showed them to Joel when he got home. Then I laughed just as hard all over again. They all are so funny but that last one just kills me.

  11. My friend sent me this link after I told her my bluebonnet photoshoot fail with my toddler and his two preschool age cousins last weekend. I don’t think I have one pick of my little one smiling (kept screaming “don’t want to!” in fact). Fun times! And the flowers are so beautiful this year!

  12. Oh my gosh, I was in TEARS laughing at the captions on your pictures!! I had the same experiences with my little girl the past couple days when we’ve tried to do pictures!!

  13. jennifer hutchins on

    I think I look at this everyday and it STILL makes me laugh so hard. I absolutely love it…I think I should pin it

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