28 thoughts on “Things I Actually Say To My Husband, VLOG style”

      1. I am grateful every day that neither of my babies EVER wanted a pacifier. I can say in all honestly that back then I wasn’t so thankful, since all I wanted them to do was JUST STOP CRYING!! But on the other hand, no need to stress over lost ones, nor did I have to break them of the habit at some point!

  1. This should definitely come with a disclaimer: “Warning: I scream help loudly in this vlog!”

    My husband just jumped out of bed at lightening speed and said, “Are you, ok?!”


  2. “I am really glad they are cute… so we don’t kill them” HA! Very true. Mother nature knew what she was doing when she made up bond with those creatures once we saw their face.

  3. I’m pretty sure the only thing that saves my child’s life un the wee hours of the morning is how cute she is…
    And here lately, the “what the hell are we doing wrong?!” and “does she have a dirty diaper or is that you?” are uttered more than once a day.

  4. You are so adorable! That sounds all stalker-y and crush-y but I’m just saving: adorable! I’ve done the “please come home now” but then combined with ugly crying & him trying to decipher what it is I’m asking.

    1. I love the stalkers that call me adorable. It’s the ones that say they want to eat my fingernails or collect samples of my hair that would creep me out 😉

  5. hilarious. power tools are left all over the house and yesterday I said “better not leave these things out, because I’m two tantrums away from losing my shit” and I often say “how was your day?” then before hearing the full answer… “I’m sorry babe, but I need a break. Your turn”.

    we always say we are lucky that we’re in this together. seriously he keeps me sane <3

    PS: you are gorgeous

  6. I’m dying because “Come home NOW.” and “Does she have a poop or did you just fart?” are said daily at my house.

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