Sometimes A Girl Just Needs Some Frills

I was a tomboy as a kid. Really. I hated dresses. I caught geckos. My favorite toy was a dump-truck, and I was never afraid of a little mud.

Then puberty hit, and I did a 180. I caught a reputation for being quite the “priss” by the time I graduated high school.

This gal? This little production of mine, she’s quite the fearless combo of rough and prissy already. She’s tough enough to take on her  big brother, but she loves her some fluffy skirts (please see exhibit a over on my photo Tumblr blog) and pretty shoes. And hair. She LOVES hair. She twirls the one little curl at the back of her head as she drifts off to sleep.

She was ready to take on the front yard, with all it’s wet grass and dirt and dandelions, in nothing but a petti romper today. I have to clean it now because it has mud on the butt, and she came in with scraped up knees from biting it on the pavement, but you’d never know it by how soft and sweet she looks in these pictures.

But then, the always present fearless side of her is hard to ignore… sent her that romper, some accessories and that ruffly skirt that she’s wearing in my Tumblr post and this one. I must admit, I made loud noises of joy when I opened the box because I knew how much she would love them. What I wasn’t expecting, though, was how much Kendall, my nearly 4 year old son, would love them, too.

I opened the box and laid out all the items on the kitchen counter while both the kids napped a couple days ago. About half an hour later, I heard Kendall come up behind me in the office. As I turned to ask how his nap was, I heard, “Mommy! Is dis my pwincess stuff?!” and I saw this:

“Look! I’m Pwincess Pwesto!” he shouted as he dotted the air with the wand. He dressed himself entirely, incorporating every piece they sent into his ensemble. Yes, that is the petti romper he’s using as bloomers. Yes, his head is sticking out through an armhole of a tank top. Yes, it took brute strength to get that off of him.

I wasn’t going to show you all this, wasn’t going to put it out on the internet for all to see for all of eternity.  But then, he shouted at me, “MOMMY, I HATE YOU,” for the first time this morning, so I don’t feel so bad now… And what little boy HASN’T wanted to be a pwincess at some point anyway?

Seriously, though, if you’re looking for fun, dress-up kind of stuff like this, I know it can be CRAZY expensive most places. sells it all at wholesale prices, like, insanely cheap. AND you can get an extra 10% off your oder with the code “babyrabies.” It’s valid between now and 4/31/12 and can be used up to 2 times per customer.