Mommy Truth: I’ll Be Lucky If I’m Wearing More Green Than Baby Snot

Did you know it’s a world-wide drinking holiday tomorrow? I didn’t. Until I went to the grocery store and saw young, child-less types stocking up on beer and green food coloring. Oh, to have the time to drink green beer all day until I puke green puke again. Or… not.

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  1. Sadly I *totally* new it was St. Patricks day tomorrow because my kid’s pre-school has a ‘tradition’ of ‘leprachauns’ coming at night and dicking around with the kids’ stuff. It’s been like “Elf on The Shelf: Redux” all week. I feel like I need to enroll her in a school that teachs her that if someone sneaks into your place at night and fucks with your stuff they’re not really a very good friend. Stupid leprachauns.

  2. I had sort of forgotten too, but I just noticed an invite on Facebook from a friend to an all day binge drinking event at a pub near her house. I went to the same pub last year 5 months pregnant so as you can guess I had a blast.
    It is a normal restaurant during the day and it was suggested we bring our 8 month old out for lunch with the group which I am actually considering. They start drinking at 9 am which is morning nap time around here so I figure how drunk can they get in 2 hours and how sober will they be once they experience lunch out with and 8 month old. 😉

  3. We are well aware that it is St Patrick’s Day but mostly because it is also my middle daughter’s birthday. She tends to get a lot of green for her birthday from well meaning friends and family. Poor kid – her favorite color is yellow but people are insistent that she get green because it is St. Patrick’s Day.

  4. Until I had my daughter I would wake u way too early and head downtown Montreal, eat breakfast and start drinking green beer with my rugby team, and try to make it to the parade at 11 am. You know, if we were’t already done! I miss my green beer drinking days in an Irish pub! 🙂

  5. I never really understood St. Patrick’s Day. I mean, in college, I would celebrate it for what it is – an excuse to get hammered. But now, on the other side, I think it’s pretty stupid. Or maybe I’m just jealous I can’t even have a Black & Tan. Of course, I have the ingredients for one in my fridge, taunting me every time I open the door to get some whole milk and YoToddler yogurt.

  6. o..m..g.. take the thoughts right out of my head why don’t you?!?!?! The closest thing we’re getting to green beer this year is green popcorn.. yeah…….! lol

  7. As we were sidewalk chalking it up this afternoon, I saw a couple riding bikes down the street, hysterically laughing and obviously tanked. And when I say riding bikes, I mean the guy was on the bike and the woman was riding in the kid-sized bike trailer. They must have a great babysitter.

  8. You know, every. single. year. I’m surprised at how big St Patrick’s Day has gotten, and how much it’s pretty much just dedicated to drinking.

    Maybe it’s just the area I grew up in, but I don’t remember this AT ALL from my younger days. I’m so confused as to how a religious holiday (Catholic, right?) somehow became a nationwide drinking binge day.

  9. encountered while the hubs and i were out running errands with the babe: uber drunk st. patty’s day reveler staggering in front of 7-11 harassing patrons. hubs was off red-boxing some movie rentals when said reveler approached my vehicle and attempted to open my door. mama bear (this lady) came out to play (don’t come near my baby you giant A-HOLE).

    sorry bud, i may have actually been you a time or two, but a new baby and many more years of maturity warranted that i pick up the phone and call the cops on you. gosh i’m old. but i wouldn’t have it any other way!

    your st. patty’s post was perfection!

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