Let’s Get Naked!

I have never loved my stomach. Never, not even when I was a skinny, toned 16 year old cheerleader. I’ve done more crunches than I can even begin to quantify. It’s just NEVER been flat.

And now that I’ve housed two babies below that layer of pudge, everything is pudgy AND droopy, which is just… ugh. Even after I trained for a ran a marathon 2 years ago I couldn’t get rid of the tiny little pudgy pouch that rests below my belt line.

So, I’ve always said that I am not above a tummy tuck when the ute closes shop. Except, well, you know… it’s surgery.. and it’s painful… and I’m pretty horrible at suffering for beauty, as evidenced by my aversion to any shoes with a heel.

Then my friend Sugar was all, “I know you have a hot body, but is there any little bit of pooch from having babies that you’d like to get rid of with a non-surgical procedure?” and I was all, “YES, tell me more, SIGN. ME. UP.”

Now, this post happens to be sponsored by CoolSculpting, but it’s one of those things that I’m totally shameless about getting paid to tell you all about because I KNOW so, so many of you feel the same way I do about that post-baby bulge, and I KNOW so many of you are hesitant to do the surgery thing to get rid of it.

Plus, you can enter to win a NEW iPad, so there’s that. (Click through from my home page to find out what CoolSculpting is all about!)


If you were at SXSW earlier this month, you probably saw lots of “naked” people roaming around. You may have even seen the Naked Cowboy leading them in a parade:

In the words of my sister as she roamed around SXSW, surrounded by Lets Get Naked signs, “What the hell was THAT all about?”

From CoolSculpting.com:

Developed by Harvard scientists, our unique, FDA-cleared, patented procedure uses a targeted cooling process that kills the fat cells underneath the skin, literally freezing them to the point of elimination. Only fat cells are frozen. Your healthy skin cells remain, well, healthy. No knives. No suction hoses. No needles. No scars. Once crystalized, the fat cells die and are naturally eliminated from your body. In a few months, boom: say hello to a new you.

So, it’s not immediate results and gratification since it takes a few months to see the final results, but it also sounds a hell of a lot less intrusive, risky and painful. I am SO excited to try it out SOON! I think this means I’m going to have to post some before and after pics of my stretch mark covered belly for you all. Don’t everyone get too excited.

In the meantime, be sure to enter to win a NEW iPad by going to LetsGetNaked.com. It will take you, like, 2 minutes, I swear. And, if you want to know more about CoolSculpting, click on over and check it out.

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  1. Oh my gosh I want to know how it goes for you! I’ve heard about this but am so skeptical about things like this. Considering I’m having my third c-section on Wednesday and have begged my doc to just throw in a tummy tuck while she’s at it, I’m really hoping this works for you and that some day I’ll be able to afford (and endure) some kind of procedure to help my belly. Good luck!!

  2. Aw man, my company blocked the site! “access denied> reason: pornography”. Yikes. I’ll check it out from the home computer later…

  3. Rachel Lehman on

    This just might be something I would do. I’m not going to do lipo or a tummy tuck, but I have the exact same tummy fat problem, and no amount of exercising has ever given me a flat tummy. Even when I was a size 2 I had a pooch. Very curious to hear how yours goes!

  4. Seems sketchy! I know you are getting it done for free by promoting them but you should really do a lot more research. Who knows what the side effects could be. You might be ruining your body in the long run for results now. Nothing better then a healthy diet and a work out routine. Im a firm believer in working for what you want and staying away from the “quick fix it.”

    • I’ve done research and will continue to do so. I agreed to promote this because I’m truly interested in it as an alternative to more invasive procedures.

      • Hey ladies!

        Just wanted to jump in and say that this is for stubborn spots and is not meant to take place of a healthy diet and exercise. But even when we are regularly going to the gym, we still have a few spots that are flabby and that’s where Coolsculpting comes in. I’d love to send you more information, Trsh.

        • Thanks,Sugar! I’ll also add that I plan to hit the gym hard BEFORE the procedure so I can be sure I get the most out of it. I definitely have that stubborn pocket on my tummy. Like I said, even at the times of my life before kids when I was the most physically fit, it was still there.

  5. Hmm. I will be VERY interested to read about your experience with this. I, like you, have never had a flat belly. But, after childbirth and turning 40? Well, let’s just say I have never hated my tummy more. The scale keeps telling me I am losing weight, but the pooch keeps getting bigger and my clothes are all tight. It’s SO frustrating. I’ll be following to see how this goes for you!

  6. Okay…I have to say I checked out the before and after pics on the website and I’m not impressed. You can hardly tell a difference on most of them. It just seems like a lot of money for so little change.

  7. Can’t wait to hear & see how it goes for you.

    You are making me appreciate anew my once-flat stomach. I would go insane if I actually exercised and ate right and all of that and still had pockets of fat, but I’ve heard that happens to a lot of people. So unfair! My current, very unflat stomach is purely my own doing.

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