Okay, so not all the bluebonnet pics are worthy of hilarious commentary. I did manage to salvage some.

Most of these were processed with Clickin Moms Film Art Presets in Citrine in Lightroom after some basic adjustments. This was one of the first shoots I did in RAW!

This last one came together with a TON of help of the Clickin Moms forums. I didn’t use any presets on it, just some adjustments in Lightroom and a couple small tweaks in Photoshop Elements.


18 thoughts on “Less HaHa, More Awww: Bluebonnet Pics Take 2”

  1. I am so in awe and jealous of your beautiful photography. I really want to take/make beautiful pictures like that. I feel so stupid when it comes to photography. What is your secret? What am I missing? I have some pretty cute models so I just need the technical help. 🙂 Beautiful photos!!!

  2. These pictures are lovely. The one of your son kissing the top of your daughters head is stunning. I was so inspired that I dressed up my baby girl and took some shots for my blog, so thanks.

  3. Hey Jill-these are beautiful. I’ve been exploring/taking courses on clickin moms and want to purchase one of their preset collections but can’t decide which one!! Ah! Have you used them both? Was wondering if you have reference between Film Art/Paparazzi? Hoping to get both eventually, but only have $ in the budget for one right now! Thanks. I’m sure you’ll treasure these pics forever–AND the outtakes! 😉

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