February Sponsor Love

February flew by! I mean, even with that extra day thrown in there, it was just like, BLAM, done. I’m actually pretty sure I’m going to wake up in about 3 months to find I’m suddenly 52.

Anyway, let’s hear it for the February sponsors!


Noodle Knobs It’s funny! And it’s eye candy! It’s like the Sunday comics, but you know, not on paper, and for parents. I mean, tell me you have not had an entire conversation about poop with your partner. YOU CAN’T. I know it.

Courtina Courtney was back again for February, and I wanted to make sure to point out to you all that she has an entire section dedicated to her journey raising preemies. 

Charmed Valerie I love this girl. Valerie happens to live pretty close to me, so we’ve been able to hang and get our kids together a few times. She’s one of those perfectly polished moms who you look at and really want to find a valid reason to hate… except you can’t. Because she’s awesome. And nice. She’s also sold me on this mascara. She’s full of beauty and fashion tips (on the cheap most of the time).

Monkey Butt Junction Okay, how can you NOT be intrigued by a blog name like that? But if that doesn’t hook you, I dare you to not click through and read more after you read this next bit, taken from Jenn’s bio: In retrospect, it sure sounds like it was a terrible idea:  My husband and I met on Myspace, got matching tattoos on our first date, and just six weeks after we met uprooted a life to move 2200 miles away, all in the name of love.” 

Daily Mom Report Back again for another month with “Headlines for moms who want to go beyond the front page.” They’re curating and organizing all the news content you may be interested in but just don’t have the time to look for on your own, from breaking news to the random and odd.


Mrs. PTB Making “all things awesome” including padded camera strap covers! I adore this cheerful argyle print. You just can’t be not happy while snapping’ with that on.

For Two Fitness Home of the hippest, cutest work-out wear for ladies with child. In honor of the bajillions of gals I seem to know who are pregnant with twins right now (KEEP YOUR WATER AWAY FROM ME), I have to show you all this “training for three” tank top. OMG, I hope that just means your “training” by laying in bed all day while your husband feeds you bon boons. Please tell me you’re not doing any more than that while growing TWO humans.

Little Reese’s Pieces  Cute and personalized nursery decor, perfect for those of you looking wall letters. And look! Dr. Seuss letters! I feel like I should make a rhyme here. I can’t. Too much pressure.

Pea Wee Baby  “Mallie has been breaking out of her swaddle at night and will not sleep without it. I’ve been using three different blankets/swaddles to keep her in. I saw the ad for the Swaddle Buddy on your blog site and clicked on the link. It looked promising, so I ordered one on Thursday and it arrived two days later on Saturday! Talk about quick shipping. Plus, it’s super soft, one easy piece and has kept her in all night long! Two thumbs up for your sponsor!” – Real testimonial from real reader. ‘Nuf said.

Now, I know you’re sitting there, all sad that your blog or shop wasn’t featured. Well, turn that frown upside down, friend! I have a few spots available for this month, and bloggers and small shop owners get a heck of a great deal on them. If you’re interested in finding out more, send me an email.  My address is over there>>> above my head in that picture of me. See it? Perfect. Hope to hear from you soon.

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  1. I typically read from Google Reader (I know, I know, bad Cass) I was just popping over for a quick FYI… your pinterest link doesn’t work. (at the top right) Just thought you might like to know. 🙂

  2. Corinne Reese on

    Thanks for the shout out!! I have gotten a few orders today from some Rabid readers! God I’m a dork…

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