Conversing With A 3 Year Old

Momma, let’s make soosmies when we get home!

       Okay, we can do that. That’s a great idea, Kendall.

How was your day?


What did you learn?


Who did you play with?

        Juweeuh… I asked her if she fahted….

But she didn’t answer… and she didn’t even waf!

Oh, Kendall! You can’t go asking people if they farted. Not everyone thinks that’s funny.

        But daddy thinks it’s funny!

Kendall is 3 years and nearly 10 months old. Farts are the funniest thing EVER to him… and his father, apparently.

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  1. “Burp in your butt forever!” a quote from my 5 year old. Potty humor is the best thing in the world to big and lite boys!

  2. He’s the cutest! And oh, okay, so the fart humor never goes away for them, then, huh? I thought maybe when J became a dad he’d be all, like, mature and stuff.

    Probably not, then, huh.

  3. omg I know exactly the kind of conversation this is… another great one is when my eldest comes up and updates me on his “winky’s” ever changing size. I can’t help but burst out laughing every-time lol!

  4. I think one of the main reasons Dave hopes to have a son someday is so he can pass along his farting wisdom… as it is, he has our 9 year old niece ripping ’em like a champ in the most unladylike manner. I had to leave the house one day when the two of them got going.

  5. Ah yes. We still call them “tooties” in our house and they are the funniest thing EVER to Aidan. He farted this afternoon and spent about 15 minutes cracking up over it. “Mommy!? Did I make a tootie? I did! I made a tootie!”

  6. Farts are universally funny!

    We were getting ready to go out and our two year old was sitting on the stairs and farted. Ten seconds later my wife came down the stairs to get ready also. And with perfect toddler timing our daughter exlamed, “Awww mommy! You stepped on my fart!”

    She then proceed reminding my wife that she has fart on her feet for the rest of the day. 😛

  7. My 4 1/2 year old daughter calls stinky farts “poop farts” cuz they smell like poop. She’s not a girly girl at all.

  8. My 5yo LOVES calling me into the bathroom while he’s taking a bath so I can witness his bubbles… I can’t help but laugh because every time I think he’s got some profound thing to tell me but I know better when I walk in and he has his ‘wait for it’s face on. I keep telling him if he pushes too hard he’s going to end up with a not so magical brown crayon in the tub with him.

  9. Ah. Yes, the fart humor. My favorite, my 3 year old farts & proclaims “Mommy! I got farts in my butt! Hahaha” Then he proceeds to say to his baby sister, who is 1, “Laila, you wanna smell on them??” and sticks his butt out toward her. She says “uh huh.” It was at that point that the newest house rule was established. There will be no “smelling on farts.”

  10. I have 2 girls… 2 and 3. And farts are the funniest things to them. And they fart A LOT (they take after their daddy!). I can’t tell you how many times I get updated and who is farting and who stinks the worst.

    It’s not just boys..

    And the BEST was when my 3yo (who was 2 at the time) told me “My butt just burped!”

    And the other day she told me “Daddy’s talking out his A** again”. Yeah… he taught them that.

  11. For my 3 year old son it is poop. Changing random words to poop ( twinkle twinkle little poopoo) or randomly adding poop to the end of a sentence is the funniest thing ever. Our after school conversations are very similar.

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